Ohm Beads Chi Chi Sticks (September BOTM) Release

ohm-beads-chi-chi-stick2The Ohm Beads Chi Chi Sticks premieres today and it is such an interesting design for their Bead of the Month!  I previewed it a few days ago and gave the background on the inspiration behind the bead (click on the link for more info).  There are only 999 made and again it’s a blind bag, with a mix of different sayings on the little tag that comes out of the bottom.

It has a bail that will fit on all bracelets and necklaces.  It is a large dangle but not so oversized that looks out of place on a bracelet.  I adore the intricate designs on the sides and makes it look like a beautiful lantern.  This BOTM can be purchased at my favorite retailers Perlen, Artisan Bead Boutique, and their own official website.  Which saying did you get?

  • Gaby Espinosa

    I’m so happy I managed to order one! It came back into stock in the shop I was looking at so I ordered it and will happily await its arrival. Unfortunately they didn’t sell it in Australia so I have to be patient and wait for the mail. Thanks for all the lovely updates and photos!