Ohm Beads Break the Ice Review

ohm-beads-break-the-ice-collection-coverIn this last review of the Ohm Beads Holiday 2014 Collection, I take a look at the final set of the release called Break the Ice.  Kiss My Christmass and Snow Job are tongue in cheek takes on the holiday season, whereas Break the Ice represents fun winter sports named Wholly Trust, Go For Broke, and Holiday Break.  As with the other silver charms in this collection, these are limited edition as well and are only available while supplies last.


Of the three silver sets, this theme extends well beyond the holidays to encompass other activities this season or to commemorate your love of the sport.  Holiday Break is my favorite here even though I’ve never broken a bone (knock on wood!), I really love this design that must represent a significant event for anyone who has.  It sits horizontally on the chain and is even signed by the Ohm Beads design team, which is a cool detail!

Go For Broke and Wholly Trust are perfect to complement the winter sports charms that came out around the same time last year.  Go For Broke features a skier completing an iron cross trick and Wholly Trust shows off a duo of figure skaters doing a lift.  Other Ohm Beads with this theme includes Figure Skating, Snowboarding, and Skiing.

There’s a great diversity in the Holiday 2014 Collection and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed exploring the different themes with Kiss My Christmass, Snow Job, and now Break the Ice.  These beads have large cores and are compatible with all bracelet types including Pandora.  Ohm Beads can be purchased from their  official websitePerlen, and Artisan Bead Boutique.  I used a mix of white and greys to represent ice and snow.  Which one of these collections has been your favorite?  Have you gotten any beads from the holiday release?

Bead index (starting from left, TB glass and Ohm Beads silvers): TB water lock, winter, LE tourmaline, snowflake, unique grey bubbles, wholly trust, milky quartz, figure skating, agate dendritic, holiday break, blizzard, curling, unique grey dillo, go for broke, agate dendritic, bobsledding, labradorite, enforcer, white diamond, skiing, blizzard.

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