Ohm Beads Bee Ohm and Hive Mind (August BOTM) Preview

ohm-beads-bee-ohm-cover1Ohm Beads is celebrating its 8th birthday today on August 8th!  Contrary to most of their releases, the brand chose not to give a sneak peek for this collection.  I fell in love with these designs the first time I saw them and have been eagerly anticipating their debut!  There are 6 pieces in this collection called: Live Free, Please Survive, Work Together, Thank You, Make Room, and Incremental Change.

It’s one of Ohm Beads’ best, and faithful to the title it is all about Bee’ing Ohm.  Since the theme is bees, the designs reflect the hive structure, the honey, and the busy workers themselves.  Make Room, Please Survive, and Work Together are the spacer, stopper, and charm of the same hexagonal design.  Live Free represents the actual hive which is so cool and unique!  Thank You is a small bee dangle with a hexagonal bail, and Incremental Change is the honey amber glass bead.  Each charm is available separately or as a set with its own special packing (see below).

ohm-beads-botm-hive-mind-coverIn addition to the beautiful Bee Ohm Collection commemorating the brand’s birthday, the August BOTM is coordinated to complement the set perfectly and is called Hive Mind.  There are 4 versions, Hive Mind silver, Hive Mind dirty, Hive Mind vermeil, and Hive Mind blush.  There are only 222 of each made, for a total of 888.  This is such a small production that I highly recommend getting it as soon as possible!  I’m told that it’s already sold out at headquarters so will only be available at retailers now.

Ohm Beads fits all jewelry brands including Pandora, and can be found at my favorite retailer Perlen, Artisan Bead Boutique, and their own official website.  What do you think of this theme?  Have you been an Ohm fan?

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