Ohm Beads Beadmas Giveaway

ohm-beads-beadmas-day2♪♫ On the second day of Beadmas my true love gave to me…a bracelet, Our World, and Live Long and Prosper…♪♫

I’m so excited to be participating in this year’s Ohm Beadmas giveaway!  Today’s prize is a snap bracelet (your choice of size), Our World, and Live Long and Prosper charms.  As I mentioned yesterday in this month’s Upcoming News, they started their annual fun Beadmas contest and have a variety of scavenger hunts for their fans to complete.

Today’s tasks are:

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Answer the following questions in the comments section below:
  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. Do you buy your own charms or wait to receive them as gifts?
  3. What’s on your wish list right now?
  4. Have you started your holiday shopping?
  5. What would you love to see represented as a charm?

After you’ve finished these things, if you’re still ADDICTED (wink wink) to charms, be sure to fill out the entry form from your Ohm Beads account to be eligible for winning today’s prize.  Good luck!

  • Margriet Drent-Alblas

    1 – My favo color is purple
    2 – I buy my beads
    3 – on my wish list is the ugly doll ice bat
    4 – no..I didnt start shopping yet
    5 – hmmm …I would like to see colorful jelly beans on my bracelet

  • Maria

    1- white

    2- I buy myself

    3- first plate with turkey

    4- oooo yes)

    5- dragon

  • Trudy Van Hout

    1. Yellow
    2. I buy my own.
    3. Several retired ones!
    4. Nope!
    5. Candy!

  • Tracy

    Ohm zombies, Ash hole
    Yup. I usually aim to be done Dec 1. Never hit that date, but at least it gets me moving 😀
    More zombies

  • kit

    Fuji Instant Photo Printer
    My Family

  • Nicole Rostock Conrick

    1. Red
    2. Both – buy and received as gifts
    3. World charm
    4. Barely started shopping…. sigh
    5. Adoption Charm!

  • Stacy Purcaro

    1. Green
    2. Both, but I mainly end up buying most of my own beads.
    3. I need the Ohmily bead!
    4. Yes, but still lots more to go 🙁
    5. I would love to see more animal themed and nature/conservation beads.

  • Jenn Tracy Abbott

    1. Blue
    2. Buy my own, I’m too impatient to wait
    3. Ice Hole, the Six Packs
    4. Yes, almost done!
    5. Fairies

  • Susy Gamarra Giacomelli

    1-Black & Silver
    2-I buy them
    3- Ugly Dolls / Dead Head / Cameo
    4-I will start on second week December
    5- Mummy (as Werewolf, Chainsaw style/size)

  • Sherry Mucha

    I have to buy my own – apparently I have too many
    Ohm beads marshmallow and Blue raspberry
    Yes holiday shopping almost done
    I love color – so a gorgeous colorful murano 🙂

  • Title Anthanonta

    1. pink
    2. i bought them!
    3. Ugly dolls
    4. Not yet
    5. galaxy

  • Sandrina Marques

    1- black
    2-I bought my own charms
    3- The Zombies Collection
    4- Yes
    5- A dreamcatcher 🙂

  • Кондратенко Юлия

    1. Lilac, 2. I buy beads , 3. Yes of course, 4. T-Rex , 5. Falcon

  • Clare Wall

    1)sea blue
    2)Buy,buy,buy,can’t wait
    3)Beadmas bell
    5)murano with stars

  • Nastasia Kondratenko

    2)I like unexpected gifts c;
    3)AAR003 ,to be precise
    4)No,I haven’t
    5)I think it’s Misha,my dragon

  • JanafromPrague

    I buy my charms
    Teddy scares
    I know what to buy, but didn’t go to the shop yet.
    Running, especially marathon! Or something like Love stinks, that is my favorite charm 🙂

  • poetstormy

    What is your favorite color? Aqua!
    Do you buy your own charms or wait to receive them as gifts? I buy my own.
    What’s on your wish list right now? CHARMS! Too many to count. I have a vast love….unending love!
    Have you started your holiday shopping? Yes Ma’am!
    What would you love to see represented as a charm? Emotions!

  • Melissa Hupman Rinn

    1. depends on the day. today it is black.
    2. I do both, but the ones that are gifts mean the most to me, even if they are ones I normally wouldn’t get/want.
    3. wishing for ohm’s bacon, mr. Gnome, google-eyed monster, and anything stars or glow in the dark (beads, jewelry,clothes,shoes)
    4. yep, about 1/3 way done.

    5. glow in the dark glass bead with stars in it.

  • April C.

    1. Purple
    2. I buy for myself
    3. I want the Ohm pretzel bead
    4. Only a little so far
    5. All different kinds of flowers

  • Aimee Stubbs

    1. Green.
    2. Both, but more as gifts at the moment.
    3. The Drag and Drop bead is at the top!
    4. Not only started, but completely finished.
    5. BBC Sherlock

  • http://www.OhmBeads.com Mike @ Ohm

    The January Ohm releases

  • Liz Harris

    1. Blue (currently)
    2. Buy my own!
    3. Same same but eaten, same same but different!
    4. Yes, just barely
    5. The cheshire cat!

  • Martha

    1. Purple or orange
    2. Um, buy my own!
    3. Blue Hole.
    4. Yes
    5. The faces at Bayon Temple in Cambodia.

  • Tatyana Pevneva

    1. Red
    2. Bye myself
    3. Drops of life Aar011
    4. Yes, of course
    5. Music is my life

  • Lauren Walker-Nazir

    1. Blue
    2. Both!
    3. Beadmas Bell
    4. Yes
    5. Dragon

  • Kara Feldcamp-Burgos

    Was the colour question Mikes?
    Anyways, here goes:
    1. Pink (today)
    2. Buy and receive
    3. Teddy scares (more) and more ugly dolls
    4. Started and almost done!
    5. A SHARK!! Great white! Teeth clutching my bracelet!

  • Dawn Newell

    Buy my own
    Ton of ohm

  • Mandy Coker

    1. Blue
    2. Both
    3. Rockin and player 1
    4. Yes, halfway done
    5. More drink themed muranos like “egg nog” and “cold milk”

  • Trish T. Kehoe

    1) I can’t pick just one color! Black, then Orange, Green, and Purple. I really like all colors depending on my mood. Except brown. I’m not a fan of brown.
    2) 99.9% of the time I buy my own charms! 🙂
    3) Love Stinks, Chainsaw Dude, Bucket List, Roller Skate, and many others.
    4) No. I wait until the last minute then I panic.
    5) Bugs! Ants! Grasshoppers! Couch potato! I love the whimsy more than the serious!

  • Sara Kat Eiler Beiting

    My favorite color is black. I buy my charms but gifts are great! On my wish list right now is a new bracelet, the roller derby bead and the rolled over bead…just to name a few. Started my holiday shopping but I’m no where close to being done. I would love to see a flamingo represented in a charm. Thanks for the contest. 🙂

  • Cheryl

    1. Blue
    2. Buy my own.
    3. 2013 Turkey Platter
    4. Yes
    5. More Geek beads!! TBBT fan.

  • Evgeniya Petukhova

    1. currently my fav color is lilac/purple. 2. I buy my charms myself 3. I want poisoned apple and lucky 🙂 4. yes, just started 5. sigils of houses from the ASOIAF series – I am a fan of Game of Thrones and G R R Martin’s books!

  • Deana Kitty Otto

    1. Pink! 2. I buy. I’m bad. 3. The zombie ones and argh. 4. Yes. But already gave them to the people. 5. More horror ones!

  • Vaska Basham

    Red, I buy, the DIYs, yep, Sharks! Jenny at ohm, expecting good sharks from ya! 😉

  • Vanessaqq

    1.What is your favorite color? —–green
    2. Do you buy your own charms or wait to receive them as gifts?——–buy charms myself
    3. What’s on your wish list right now?———- trollbeads, ohmbeads and Redbalifrog new collections
    4. Have you started your holiday shopping?——-yes
    5. What would you love to see represented as a charm?——- anything, everything

  • Dian Prahesti

    1. Blue
    2. Buy my own charms
    3. 2013 Turkey Platter & Venus Charm
    4. Yes I did
    5. Dr Who and Origami charms

  • Paula Jackson

    Buy and gift
    Yes, thankfully
    Too many!
    Unique and unusual

  • Jen Comeau

    Purple and pink 🙂
    I buy my own beads
    All the Teddy Scared and the Beadmas collection.
    Yes I have started my shopping, woohoo!!!
    I would love to see a spoon to represent invisible disabilities xxx
    I LOVE OHM AND CHARMS ADDICT. Thank you both for all you do 🙂

  • Sharene

    1) Purple’s, Lavenders’s
    2) Buy my own, no one will spend this much on me LOL
    3) Typewriter, Wishing Well, Teddy Scares I’m missing from the Second Group
    4) I just finished my shopping today! Woo Hoo
    5) It was always Zombies and you did that! Thank you.

  • Dawn Kraemer-Meseck

    Mostly buy my own
    #1 on my list now is Holiday Break
    Not really
    I’d like to see the space needle 🙂

  • Cynthia

    1. Mauve
    2. Buy myself, cannot resist ;p
    3. One world, lilac memories and many other
    4. Errr, not really. I can get kinda last minute
    5. Harry Potter stuff

  • Cecy Elena

    1. Pink
    2. I don’t have patience so I buy a lot of my beads myself. Other times, I send loved one pictures of the ones I want.
    3. Braille, New family dangle, and nurse cap but I got it on cyber Monday lol
    4. I’m DONE with all my shopping!
    5. Tap shoes with metal taps on bottom, stethescope would be adorbs!!, nail polish, and lipstick

  • Charmaine Lee

    1. Red
    2. Buy my own
    3. Triceratops
    4. Yes
    5. WoW Horde sign

  • Orapan Busrathepkul

    1. Blue, Black, White 2. Buy my own 3. Ugly dolls 4. I think I’m done but maybe buy some more..depend on promotion! 5. Moomin

  • January IsMe

    1. Green, Orange
    2. Buy my own
    3. Inner peace
    4. Not yet
    5. Other yoga asana as I’m in love with yoga

  • Martha Harris

    1. red
    2. I am too impatient and buy them for myself.
    3. I want the freedom machine and honu.
    4. Not yet.
    5. I’d like a small dangling hummingbird, a ddangle wand, a cauldron

  • Lhong Ohm

    1. Grey
    2. Buy
    3. Cube
    4. Not yet
    5. Guitar

  • Melanie Monzon

    What is your favorite color? Black
    Do you buy your own charms or wait to receive them as
    gifts? Buy my own
    What’s on your wish list right now? The new ham bead
    Have you started your holiday shopping? A little during
    black Friday.
    What would you love to see represented as a charm?
    Graduation class ring

  • maisiethewestie

    1. fuchsia
    2. buy
    3. many!! six pack, death barrels, dark shadows
    4. started
    5. funky dog related, a collection built around the Ohm Gnome

  • Wendy Monzon

    3.I wish that some retired beads would be bought back
    4.yes the day before thanksgiving I started shopping
    5. A charm with an opal birthstone

  • Adriana Fuentes

    1. Blue
    2. Both! I get them as gifts, and buy them myself:)
    3. More charms of course!
    4. Yes, but still have much more to do.
    5. Ooh this is a hard one, just continue to surprise me!

  • Christina Monzon

    1. Red
    2. Buy and receive as gifts
    3.Crown of thorns
    5.German shepherd

  • jburgh

    1. Browns and black mixtures
    2. Both!
    3. Holey Ham
    4. Yes
    5. Some NW tribal charms

  • Оксана Петрова

    1. Green
    2. give and buy
    3. Umbrella with hanging raindrops
    4. There is no such
    5. Dragon

  • Stephanie Steffi Zasche

    1. Dark red
    2. Both
    3. The two I’ll get from my husband :fishbowl and chocolatebar
    4. Already finished
    5. Sherlock Holmes and John Watson

  • Linda Jo

    1. Green. (today)
    2. Buy my own!
    3. Atomic
    4. Yes.
    5. scientists and inventors — Einstein, Curie, etc.

  • Alexis Decker

    1. green 2. buy 3. gold Love Hurts 4. yes 5. a mummy to go with the little vintage movie monsters

  • FairObjective

    1. White 2. Both 3. Ugly Dolls beads 4. Yes 5. Scooby Doo charms/beads

  • Beth B Wyatt

    1. Blue 2. usually buy, but sometimes get as gifts 3. Love Really Hurts 4. Almost done 5. Specific flowers like iris, tiger lily, rose….Love the personal involvement of the Ohm staff!!!!! And the high quality and creativity, of course. 🙂

  • FairObjective

    Earlier this am I saw this post, answered the questions, etc., but Ohm’s contest entry page will only let me access Day 3; any way to still enter that portion (Ohm’s entry page) for Day 2’s contest? Thanks, Leann, and take care.