Ohm Beads Beadmas Giveaway Part 2

ohm-beadmas-giveaway-cover2We’re back to the Ohm Beads Beadmas giveaway as we continue counting down the 12 days of Christmas!  Today’s prize includes an amazing amount of gifts –  Polwygle (x2), Tigerlily, Love Stinks, SHS Paw, I Love Knitting, Pirate Crest, and a snap bracelet (size of your choice).

These are the tasks for Day 7:

Will you be getting OHMSOME (wink wink) beads for the holidays?

  • Maria

    yes, I’ll get 3 ohmbeads))

  • Tatyana Pevneva

    Haha, i’m very wait a beads for a gift to the Christmas

  • Alexandra Mostotskaya

    I hope so

  • Susy Gamarra Giacomelli

    Yay! I wish to win someday one of this gorgeous Ohm bracelet.

  • JanafromPrague

    Not sure, I expect a package from Black Friday shopping, but will I manage to wait so long? 😀

  • Sandrina Marques

    hope so!!

  • Trish T. Kehoe

    Oh my! Already Day 7?!?!?!?! 🙂

    • http://www.OhmBeads.com Mike @ Ohm

      Time flies.

  • jae

    Already received mine!!!

  • Tracy

    I hope to!

  • Sasi Punyasa

    I hope so(^∇^)

  • Dawn Kraemer-Meseck

    Doubtful. My husband usually leaves the bead buying to me.

  • Оксана Петрова

    I hope!

  • April C.

    I usually buy my own gifts lol

  • maisiethewestie

    only if my dogs buy me some 🙂