Ohm Beads April 2016 Releases

ohm-beads-mama-terra-cover1Today is the launch of Ohm Beads April 2016 charms!  There are 3 distinct collections coming out and they are the April BOTM Mama Terra, Community Design Project Liquid Time, and the European exclusive Ohm Baby.  Mama Terra and Liquid Time are stand alones, while Ohm Baby is set and includes Motherhood, Special Delivery, Rock Rattle Roll, Cradle Me, and Mouthful.

I am most excited for Mama Terra, there are only 555 made and I’m sure this is going to be one that sells out fast.  This design is in honor of Earth Day celebrated this month, and embodies Mother Earth.  The back is my favorite part and you can see gorgeous flowers braided throughout her hair.  The packaging is really cool too and includes a burlap satchel and tiny plant pot.

Another collection I’ve been looking forward to is the Ohm Baby Collection.  Unfortunately, for the time being it is only available in Europe but hopefully it’ll see a worldwide debut in the near future.  This set represents the magical time of pregnancy and the first several months of a newborn.  The designs are close to my heart and brings very recent memories to mind.

Lastly, the newest Community Design Project was held for Russian fans and is called Liquid Time.  It reminds me of the Salvatore Dali painting and is a melting clock held by a pair of hands.  It is a great metaphor and I’d be interested to know if it represents a Russian saying or if there’s any deeper meaning behind the theme.

Ohm Beads have large cores and can fit on all bracelet brands including Pandora.  My recommended retailers are Artisan Bead Boutique and the official Ohm Beads website.  Have you preordered any of these?  Which release is your favorite this month?

  • Alice Wonder

    I’ve got mama Terra as soon as I saw the preview, it is so supercute! I wish I could have got ahold of pregnant woman charm too, it is such a celebration for femininity.