Ohm Beadmas Giveaway – Day 3



Ohm Beads kicked off their annual 12 Days of Beadmas giveaways on the 1st and today’s contest features the Baby Blocks Love Family charm!  This is one of my favorites and really highlights the theme of the holidays – celebrating and being with family.  To enter, compose a short poem about your family and what you’re thankful for this season in the comments section below.  The contest is only open for 1 day, closing on December 3rd at 11:59PST and the winner will be randomly selected.  This giveaway is open to fans from all countries and will be shipped directly from Ohm Beads.

  • Nicoletta Orlandini

    We are nine with a cat,
    but it seems a lot more,
    around christmas’ table
    our voices are merry and glasses jingle,
    lights and gifts under the tree,
    I am grateful for this.
    Happy beadmas ohmies !

  • Aurelie letourneur

    Un jeune couple et deux enfants,
    4 compagnons à 4 pattes,
    Rien de plus beaux autour du sapin,
    Les décorations qui illuminent les yeux.
    Des cadeau et un merveilleux repas,
    Pour la joie dans le regard et le coeur,
    Ensemble pour les bons et les mauvais moments,
    Un Noël joyeux que je remercie.
    Joyeux Beadmas les OHM’addicts

  • Giovanna Elisabetta Cattaneo

    Xmas is coming again.
    We’ll be all together
    and this make happy my heart.
    The children with their plays,
    and voices and shouts
    will full our day.
    Sometime I am sad
    but my smile will be on my face
    Merry Xmas everyone

  • Clare Wall

    Family joy & festive cheer,
    Twinkly lights with loved ones near,
    Roaring fires, lights down low ,
    Wrapping presents, making bows,
    Children laughing, having fun,
    All of Santas work is done.

  • Francesca Mazzanti

    L’ emozione più speciale che dona il Natale a me e a mio marito è vedere la gioia e l’incredulità delle nostre due bimbe quando scoprono che Babbo Natale è arrivato e l’albero è circondato dai regali!!
    Buon Beadmas a tutti!!

  • Jackie R Oz

    Family of four,
    Santa has come and brought joy,
    Love in all our hearts.

  • Barbara

    Cold nights, crystal days
    Music, light, and laughter
    Season to rejoice

  • Helena Zaitseva

    Beautiful swirling snowflakes
    And melting on rooftops,
    Winter is a magical time
    Take care and enjoy family.

    I am grateful for my family, for friends, for life.)

  • Michele Courtney

    My baby boys,
    With all the Joys,
    My Christmas noise.

    Now twenty and fourteen,
    Different times in between,
    Still my holiday loving.

    Time with family,
    Christmas glee,
    Cherished memory.

  • Gaby Espinosa

    Family is one,
    Always with care,
    Many ups and downs,
    In good times and bad,
    Love and laughter,
    Year after year together.

  • Svetlana Nikolaeva

    There’s four of us
    Together hand in hand,
    Our summer full of laughter
    Still ahead.

    So here we are,
    A moment’s a snowflake
    And I am greatful
    For every breath we take.

    • Leann

      You’re the winner! Congratulations, I will be sending you an email to confirm :).

      • Svetlana Nikolaeva

        Wow, thank you! How do I get it?

      • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

        I emailed you, but haven’t gotten a response. Can you send me an email? admin@charmsaddict.com

      • Leann

        I sent you an email, can you respond? Or send me an email: admin@charmsaddict.com.

  • Татьяна

    My family, my family, my family is large
    Little gaughter, husbend, cat –
    I love them so much!

    I thank my God for family,
    For health and happiness,
    And soon we happily
    Get together for Christmas!

  • Erin

    Husband, son, daughters,
    And the dog, too.
    All throughout the year,
    I’m thankful for my family-
    This proof that wishes and dreams
    (And prayer, too!)
    Really do come true.

  • Евгения Захарова

    As Christmas arrives
    We think of smiles,
    Your family is a gift,
    We think of joy in everything!

  • Jan Jan Bee

    My family is the warmest support to me in my life !
    I am thankful for everything I have in this Christmas !

    • Leann

      You’re the winner! Congratulations, I will be sending you an email to confirm :).

  • Lauren Walker-Nazir

    The holiday season is here,
    Together we are again,
    Such a lovely time of year,
    I wish it would never end,
    Thankful for family and friends,
    Together we are again.

  • Susy Gamarra Giacomelli

    Every year for these dates
    I know my family is waiting with hugs, so nice!
    I open the doors with a smile,
    It has been worthing every mile.
    And after beautiful days I must depart,
    keeping my family in good memories and on my heart<3.

  • Beatiz Gamarra

    Beadmass has started,
    and I love to participate.
    With all my family united,
    we are going to try to win again.
    I like to sing in Chistmas,
    some carrols with my friends
    I hope this year win on Beadmas
    to be happy til the end (of year of course jijiji)

  • María Helena G. Giacomelli

    I love this time of joy and candles,
    with wishes and surprises,
    I like to share time
    with friends and family
    more than everything
    healty times,laugth and Ohmily!

  • Ana Tomás G

    With love and ilussion,
    there will be no discussion.
    Let’s do a big party
    with mon and sister,
    brother and daddy.
    Together next to the tree,
    we pray in silence
    uniteds by faith, love and me.

  • Kristen

    Christmas time is here
    Family gathers far and near
    Hope and joy sing throughout
    Thankful feelings is what I’m about.
    Boom. Merry Christmas. lol

  • Vedma

    Strong Father,
    Gentle Mother,
    Pretty Sister,
    and little Brother,
    This is the baby still to grow,
    This is the family all in a row!))

    I am grateful to my family for their care, happiness, attention, warmth and love!) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/68d7b9b13b0218370896e7a85def422c496ae3d0445df1973a900eac2ae93e1a.jpg

  • Cynthia

    They were the first to welcome you into the world,
    They will be last people you will see,
    They will walk in front of you to guide you,
    They will be behind you to push and support,
    They will be by your side,
    Forever and always.

    And I am forever thankful for them.

  • Stormy Hampton

    She had no babies, and none were to come of her own.
    An empty heart needing to be filled in one little corner.
    Then, the miracle.
    A simple phone call.
    We have your baby girl. Come get her!
    Adoption is another word for love.
    Thank you mom. For loving me that much. <3

  • Holly

    A wonderful husband and three beautiful kids.
    I give them all of my time and all of my love.
    It is tough at times, but I wouldn’t change a thing.
    I am thankful to have them everyday.
    They make me laugh. They make me cry.
    I hope I am making theirs lives as rich as they have made mine.

  • Et

    We welcome Christ into our
    Family each Christmas
    With song, laughter
    And good cheer!

  • Carol L

    We are a Family of six
    But we have a mix
    There is his, mine and ours.
    With girlfriends and Boyfriends,
    And many work hours,
    Our time is precious,
    as is our bond together.
    But nothing will stop
    how ever we gather.
    Christmas traditions will
    always matter.
    I have been blessed with
    this crazy mess and love
    it ever so much.

  • hello kit

    Family is who is there through up and downs
    someone who always sticks around
    to hug each other on new years
    and to wipe away any tears.
    Through it all, family is what we
    have in the end, so take
    advantage of each moment.

  • Véronique Duchaine-Tremblay

    A father and a Mother
    And 2 beautyfull daugthers
    Spending time together
    Celebrate for hours

  • Melinda Siegel Frisch

    My family supports me,
    they are keeping me alive.
    I have stage 4 cancer,
    and with their love I survive.

  • Kelly Tyska Cressman

    My families behind me
    Through thick and through thin
    9years in recovery
    Hopeful for where im going
    And never forget where I’ve been

  • Tracy

    This Christmas season, we gather together
    To share thanks and good times, whatever the weather.
    Some family are blood but that’s only the start
    What really matters is the love in our hearts.

    Close friends can be just as much our family too
    So to all those that we love, Merry Christmas to you!

  • Wendy Monzon

    My family is smaller than it used to be
    Despite that I am glad to be a family of three.
    I am forever greatful for the times that we shared
    In the time that we had I showed you I cared.
    The daughters we had are all I have left
    The love that they give keeps me from being bereft.
    I look to the future and still have hope
    That each day I am stronger so that I can cope.

  • Evelien Pauw

    I wished For Years to have another baby. Unfortunatly after Years of hospital Visits it still didnot work out …..sad….dissapointed, but extremely happy with my little family!

  • emmalemily

    Heartfelt Holiday: a Haiku

    From distance we gather
    Laughter, love, a merry fest
    Home is family

    Christmas Chaos: a Slightly More Accurate Haiku

    Who spiked the eggnog?
    Last chance for nice not naughty
    Leave a cookie bribe