Novobeads Twilight Mini-CZ Bundle and special offer

novobeads-twilight-mini-cz-bundleOne of the distinctive offerings from Novobeads are their colorful mini-CZ and mini-CZ bundle.  These faceted beauties are created by layering the color using a special process which gives the charms a delightful shimmer that changes depending on the angle its viewed at.  The size is about half as big as a regular bead and slimmer as well; best of all the material is tough against breakage.  There’s no other brand that uses this material for beads which is really cool.  They’re decently priced at $25 a piece or $99 for a 5 bundle set of complementary shades.

In my Novobeads intro, I featured the Lagoon Mini-CZ bundle and my next favorite set is the Twilight Mini-CZ bundle*.  The first thing your eye will notice are the purple tones in this bundle offset by a lovely olive green.  The stock photo truly does not do these charms justice; there’s almost a metallic sheen on these that is just so unique.  The names of the beads are Hushed Forest, Heather, Indigo, Indigo Horizon, and Midnight to reflect the hues of dusk.  I absolutely adore the lush olive green shade on Hushed Forest and the accompanying purples are a fantastic range of light as air lavender to the deep dark horizon.  These beads remind me of the evenings when I would stare into the night sky in awe of how minuscule we are in the universe.

novobeads-mothers-day-promoFor those unfamiliar with Novobeads, they are large core and completely compatible with other brands including Pandora.  I am continually impressed with the craftsmanship of this line and they are definitely worth checking out!  Just in time for Mother’s Day, Novobeads is currently running a promotion from April 23rd – May 7th, spend $50 and receive a free mini-CZ (promo code: mini) from their online store.  Local retailers are also running Mother’s Day Trunk Shows which can be found on the Novobeads Facebook page.

The olive color is one I wish I had more beads in, it’s simply sumptuous.  I built this bracelet around the set and I must say kudos to the designers for putting these tones together!


Bead index (starting from left; Trollbeads unless specified): LE devil lock, Novobeads indigo horizon, jugend, white steel, small berries, LE Tsuru (retired), Novobeads indigo, redbalifrog large om, onyx, white bubbles, redbalifrog howling wolf, Novobeads heather, LE Seigaiha (retired), redbalifrog luna moon, Novobeads midnight, amethyst, WT Hong Kong auspicious, white diamonds, Novobeads hushed forest, hydrangea, purple dillo, LE viking knot (retired), white flowers.

*For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.

  • rainey

    Thanks for providing details about the Novo bundles. I love the CZs. Full size is my preference but I’ve often been tempted by the mini bundles. …especially since there are so many more color choices in the mini size.

    The problem is that Novo doesn’t identify the colors — only provides a name for the grouping. And the small pix they provide aren’t terribly helpful to trying to determine what the individual colors are.

    I dearly wish they’d let you choose your own 5 colors and still give the special price. It would be the perfect choice to take advantage of that Mothers’ Day free mini promotion.

    • Leann

      I really like the small beads, I didn’t think I would since I’m a fan of the plumper beads. That’s a great idea, Rainey! That would be a great promo, I hope they’re listening ;).