Novobeads Summer Mini-CZ Bundle Review

novobeads-summer-mini-cz-bundleAnother stunning set perfect for the season is the Novobeads Summer Mini-CZ Bundle. Since starting with this brand, I have been most impressed with the quality of their beads and one of their most delightful items are the mini-CZ charms. These beads are produced with a special technique which adds layers of color to make the most amazing shimmer. The size is smaller than a regular Murano, just about half, and has faceted cuts. They’re very reasonably priced at $25 each or $99 for a bundle of 5. I’ve been quite taken with these bundles and have already reviewed the Lagoon Bundle and the Twilight Bundle. The stock photos definitely don’t do these justice!

I was excited to get* another set from Novobeads, and the Summer kit has wonderfully bright and happy colors, which reminds me of strawberry lemonade. The bundle has 2 pink, 2 reddish, and 1 yellow bead named Tranquil Blush, Rose Petal, Sunrise, Carnelian Orange, and Sunburst respectively. My favorite of these has turned out to be Sunrise – it’s terribly difficult to catch in photos, but this brilliant bead has a golden tint making it aptly named. Tranquil Blush and Sunrise come in at a close second as they’re both strong bold shades, fuschia and gorgeous yellow. Carnelian Orange is exactly as it sounds, a dark orangey red, it reminds me of cranberries. Rose Petal is a gentle baby pink and pairs spendidly with these other charms.

I love how well they complement each other which is the best part of purchasing these bundles, aside from the price. The mini-CZ are surprisingly hefty and are made with incredible craftsmanship. The rich colors and awesome sparkle is perfect for any bracelet. These beads have large cores and are completely compatible with other bracelet brands, including Pandora. Using the color palette, I’ve created a summer sunshine/strawberry lemonade bracelet and it’s turned out nice and sweet! Have you had a chance to see these mini-CZ beads? Which one is your favorite?


Bead index (starting from left): novobeads butterfly lock, trollbeads pink prism, trollbeads unique red ornament, redbalifrog frangipanis forever, trollbeads unique yellow om, novobeads tranquil blush, trollbeads strawberries, trollbeads unique yellow longevity, novobeads sunrise, novobeads cherry blossom, novobeads sunburst, trollbeads unique pink scallops, trollbeads opposites, trollbeads unique red glitter, novobeads bamboo, trollbeads birdhouse (retired), novobeads rose petal, trollbeads unique yellow swag, redbalifrog coconut fruit, trollbeads unique pink python, novobeads carnelian orange, novobeads leaves.

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  • Carolyn Klement

    I hope to start my collection soon! So glad their official website posts to Australia too! No sifting through the piles of fakes on eBay! 😉

    • Leann

      That’s great! It’s always better to buy from an authorized source :).

  • rainey

    I am certifiably nutz about Novo CZs. My only wish is that they’d let you choose your own preference for 5 beads at the price of 4. …and extend that offer to the full sized CZs I prefer.

    But have you ever seen such brilliance and complexity of color? I haven’t seen anything anywhere to compare! More precision to the faceting. More nuance and complexity in the colors. And lower prices than TB! What’s not to love?

    • Leann

      They’re awesome, aren’t they? I’ve fallen in love with the mini-CZs too, they’re so substantial and high quality for a great price! The shimmer is amazing too :D.

  • Farah

    I neeeeeed this brand in Europe/Belgium! Too beautiful!

    • Leann

      You should email and ask if they ship worldwide :). Definitely worth getting! 😀

  • sara

    I love Rainey’s suggestion: let the customer choose the 5 beads for a customized bundle. 🙂

    • Leann

      I hope they end up doing that at some point! Love these mini-CZs :).