Novobeads Spring 2014 Collection

novobeads-spring-2014-coverIt’s officially spring and as we’ve seen in the past few weeks, companies have been busy releasing their new collections for the change in season.  Today we’ve got a preview of the new Novobeads Spring 2014 Collection!  It’s been a while since the brand’s last release – I was expecting new arrivals for Valentine’s Day but they choose to highlight the solid bangles that came out with the Holiday Collection last year.  This set is rather focused on Easter and springtime so just a few new beads are entering the line.

I’m always a fan of floral and nature themed charms, and this year Novobeads does not disappoint with their spring motifs called Curling Vine, Dainty, and Spring Garden.  Each piece is accentuated with mint green cubic zirconia which adds a delightful sparkle to the beads.  I’m most excited for the Curling Vine which is a lengthy charm and I can’t wait to see it in person.  These will go wonderfully with my existing floral Novobeads, which I absolutely adore!


Following the introduction of the multi-finish crystal macaroons last year, this collection includes an extension of that design with the pavé eggs in gold, white, and rose gold finish.  This shape also comes in the classic silver as well, and each charms features a new figure 8 core, which allows for easy use as pendants to keep them upright.  Based on the bracelet photo, they look relatively diminutive just like the macaroons.

Novobeads boast large diameter cores and can fit on all bracelet types, including Pandora.  I’ve been a fan of their charms and I love this mini-set, especially after the large spring collections we’ve seen from other companies, it’s refreshing to have an easily digestible release. These pieces are sold on the Novobeads website but they only ship to the US.  This release should be out any day now, are you looking forward to it?

  • Faye

    I’m in love with the curling vine & a pave egg – they are definitely coming to live with me!!! I ADORE this color combination in their Spring bracelet promo photo! It goes with my new Spring tote from Brighton!!!

    • Leann

      I love that your bag matches!! What a pretty pattern :D. I can’t wait for the curling vine either, that is amazing.

  • Carolyn

    I’m still in the idea stages of my Easter (Ostern) bracelet! Now there’s more out then last year that is making my mind boggle! Love it!

    • Leann

      There are a lot of Easter options! What else do you in mind for your design? 😀

  • Farah

    OMG finally a European Retailer!!! Perlen just got them in! I’m starting with 2 silk wraps and a crystal!!!!

    • Leann

      Yay!!! I saw that this morning too, LOVE Perlen! I was going to make the announcement when their spring collection is released but it’s such fabulous news :).