Novobeads Silk Wrap Review

novobeads-wild-rose-silk-wrapAs a part of their Summer 2013 Collection, Novobeads introduced an interesting new product, the tie-dye Silk Wraps.  These silk strands are designed to be versatile to wear, looking great bare or with charms.  I was excited to see these in the collection as it’s always tough wearing heavy jewelry during the hot summer.  When I first got* my Wild Rose Wrap, I immediately noticed how incredibly soft it was, which brought up a question of durability.  After wearing it in the hot weather for a few days, I was assured that it could stand the heat and hold against the temperatures.

The wrap is made of silk, and like the material is prone to do, it is susceptible to being crushed when heated and sweated into.  Novobeads took this into account and applied a tie-dye color treatment which complements the scrunched appearance and makes it part of the design.  My other concern is that it would be difficult to tie since there’s no clasp, but with the helpful instructions on the card that it comes on (and an instructional video), it was surprisingly doable.  The fabric can also be knotted around charms to create spacing and symmetry.  I’ve been wearing mine with my Novobeads favorites, the garden and flower charms for a fabulous summer look.

I am so happy with my choice of color, I love the lime green with pink, very refreshing for the summer.  The wraps are also available in Summer Sea (shades of blue), Sun & Sand (peaches and cream), and Twilight (pink, blue, purple, green, and beige).  It’s also light and unobtrusive, perfect for being out and about. They’re priced at $14 each, which is a steal!  How do you feel about the concept?  Tempted to try them out?

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  • Tracy

    These are so pretty, I’ve been waiting for your review. I have a couple of the flower novo beads I need to order for my Twilight Flower bracelet, and think I’ll include some of these silk wraps with my order.

    Thanks, as always, for the great review and pictures!

  • Ashley

    Another great way to wear charms and u just can’t beat the price either!! Out of all the colors for the bracelet, I prefer the one your wearing Leann. I’m a pink girl and so I gravitate toward that color combo immediately!

    A fresh way to wear your charms during these super hot days because since the temps plus humidity around here I haven’t wanted to wear any of my charm bracelets. This sounds like a “cool” idea! Hahaha get it?? Cool idea…. Ok that was cheesy I know!! 🙂

    • Leann

      It is such a pretty color, I’m all about lime green so it was a no-brainer for me, lol. It’s definitely a “cool” concept! 😉