Novobeads inspired by nature 3

novobeads-flower-charms3Novobeads is one of the brands that I’d like to write more often as their designs are solid and interesting.  I’ve covered a number of their silver flower charms already as they hold great appeal for me and in this third edition of my reviews on these beads, I take a look at the Rose, Pansies, Mum Flowers, and Sunflowers.  The previous posts reviewed the Lily of the Valley, Cherry Blossoms, Wonderland, Orchids, Magnolias, Morning Glory, and Green Thumb.  There is a surprising amount of detail on these beads that which makes them difficult to photograph but so fantastic in person!

Rose, Pansies, and Mum Flowers are on the smaller side for Novobeads charms, whereas Sunflowers is more the standard.  There are three roses on the Rose charm and they feature beautiful open blooms that are exquisitely crafted.  Pansies have large petals and the charm echoes nature’s form; each side is unique and some of the flowers are less distinguishable than others.  Mum Flowers is also three-sided and it’s the most symmetrical in this set with a stippled surface.  Sunflowers is a gorgeous representation of these wildflowers and the charm has a number of asymmetrically staggered blossoms of different sizes.

Novobeads have large cores and fit on all bracelets, including Pandora and Trollbeads.  The charms are generally bigger than Pandora but smaller than Trollbeads and looks great with both brands.  I’m so excited that Novobeads was picked up by Perlen so now they can be ordered there as well as their official website.  I’m a huge fan of critter glass beads and I thought it would be cute to combine these little bugs with the flowers for a colorful garden bracelet.  What themes do you normally gravitate towards?


Bead index (starting from left, Novobeads silvers and Trollbeads glass): butterfly lock, unique caterpillar, wonderland, heather mini-cz, pansies, unique red flower, magnolias, caribbean dream mini-cz, mum flowers, unique red ladybug, morning glory, lemon ice mini-cz, sunflowers, old antique flower, orchid, indigo mini-cz, lily of the valley, unique yellow dragonfly, rose, sunset mini-cz, cherry blossom, unique green butterfly, leaves, unique purple fern creature.

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