Novobeads inspired by nature 2

novobeads-silver-charms2In one of my first reviews for Novobeads, I discuss some of the silvers that caught my eye when I first browsing through the catalog and in this follow-up, I take a look at another set of charms that has stood out to me*. Since I am all about flowers and nature themed beads, it’s no surprise that I’ve gravitated towards these pieces. Novobeads has really impressed me with the quality of their style and craftsmanship. In general, their silvers are slightly bigger than Pandora but smaller than Trollbeads making them a wonderful complement to either brand. These charms are rather difficult to photograph because they cram a lot of detail onto a small surface, so I hope you’ll bear with me.

novobeads-orchidsOrchids are probably my second favorite flower of all time, and this delicate blossom is actually quite difficult to maintain so I haven’t tried my hand at raising one. The Novobeads Orchids shows 3 flowers strung together and each orchid is carved in a slightly different shape. One has more depth with the edges of the petals curved as a signature characteristic of the orchid and the others have slightly less defined ridges. The charm is elegantly designed and I really love how it looks different from each side.

novobeads-magnoliasMagnolias are big, bold beautiful flowers and they’re so wonderful to see in the garden. These flowers bloom with the petal spread out so there’s some space in between the petals. This is translated to the Novobeads Magnolias which also shows 3 blossoms each one distinct from the other. The petals are curved inward and spread apart with the buds showing in the middle. This charm has a lot of texture and pairs perfectly with the Orchids charm.

novobeads-morning-gloryI see morning glories all the time around this area and they are so pretty. They’re bell shaped and come in all kind of colors and I especially like the vine-climbing variety of this flower. As their name implies, they like to bloom in the morning and prefer full solar exposure. The Novobeads Morning Glory is a hanging charm, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it a dangle because there’s no articulation. I really like that the charm is not too long or cumbersome, it’s a delicate piece but is just long enough to standout on a bracelet.

novobeads-green-thumbI haven’t had the opportunity to grow any plants as I live in the city, but when I do eventually have some property, my goal is to have a garden full of flowers. Unfortunately, my brief forays into maintaining plant life have not been so successful. I’ve got more of a brown thumb than a green one, but the Novobeads Green Thumb is adorable and I couldn’t resist! The bead is cylindrical with gardening accessories depicted on the charm – a spade, rake, watering can, and a packet of seeds with vines curving around these items. It’s a great charm to represent gardening as a hobby and it ties my flower themed bracelets together.

For those new to Novobeads, the charms have large cores which means that they are completely compatible with most major bracelets including Pandora and Trollbeads. In addition to their amazing silver work, I’ve really enjoyed the Novobeads mini-CZs and I used the Twilight bundle to offset these great beads; I can’t resist the sparkle ;).  Have you tried this brand out?


Bead index (starting from left, Novobeads unless otherwise stated): butterfly clasp, TB cherry blossom, purple panache, magnolias, TB onyx, morning glory, hushed forest, lily of the valley, TB amethyst, TB elderflowers, midnight, green thumb, heather, cherry blossoms, citron, wonderland, TB blue tiger’s eye, TB zucchini flower, indigo, orchids, bamboo, TB decorative bird.

*For more information please see our Disclosure Policy.

  • Melinda Foofie Deyhle

    These are super nice. I love flowering beads!

    • Leann

      Me too! I’m on the fence about whether I’m glad the glass wasn’t overly flower-ey; I don’t really like the Trollbeads glass with flowers on them because they look too tacky to me, but at the same time, if you didn’t know what these glass were representing, it wouldn’t necessarily make you think of flowers. At least it’s well done and great quality too! 🙂

  • Tracy

    Well, I love this design. I bought the Twilight Bundle after your last review, and they look so great with my flower charms! The Trollbead Three Flowers charm also looks amazing the Twilight bundle colors.

    • Leann

      Thanks, Tracy! It’s really a great set, I love the Twilight bundle colors.

  • rainey

    What a lovely bracelet! Great to see how well they work with the TB floral beads.

    • Leann

      Thanks, Rainey! They work really well together ;).