Novobeads Holiday 2014 Collection

novobeads-holiday-2014-collectionAs one of the later winter releases, Novobeads just recently debuted their Holiday 2014 Collection!  They focused on their SOL line for the fall and I have been eager to see what new charms they have in store for us.  There are a modest number of new designs and 8 bangles added to the Signs of Life collection.  Rather than feature the holidays or even the season, there’s a mix of themes in this release but a lot of versatile pieces.

The motifs seem to surround love, interests, and colors and includes 3 limited edition charms too.  The Crystal Orbs are beautiful and will sure sparkle on any bracelet combination.  Music and Community are spherical oxidized beads which is a new look for this brand.  Caviar may be a bit out of place in this collection but it looks like a wreath to me.  My favorites are the grey pearls including the Pearl Knots and LE Pearl Shadow which are so classy and gorgeous.  The other two glass beads are also limited edition and only available this season.  The Raspberry clasp is another must have for me as I adore their lock and bracelet system and this is such a cute addition.

Novobeads has really focused on their single medallion bangles since its launch last year and this collection includes designs representing the important women in our lives.  Aside from the relationship designs, there is also an eclectic selection of interests and I’m particularly intrigued by the Snowflake.  These bracelets are one size fits most and come in plated sterling silver or 18K yellow gold.  The finish has a high polished shine, which is different than their antique patina, and are very reasonably priced at $22.99 each.

Novobeads charms have large diameter cores and fit on all bracelet styles including Pandora.  These have just arrived and may not be available at retailers yet.  They can be purchased from the official website (which does have them in stock), or Perlen for international fans.  What do you think about these beads?

  • Carolyn

    A let down imo. :/ nothing outstanding or unique. Sorry. Won’t be buying this release.

    • Leann

      Aww, too bad.

  • starfish

    I love the orbs! And their clasps are my favorite! They are easy to use with one hand and I feel that my bracelet is very secure! With most of my bracelets my clasp usually rides on top of my wrist so it is nice to have an attractive clasp that does not look like a lock!

    • Leann

      I agree! Their clasps are wonderful :). I’m glad you like the ornaments too.