Novobeads Fall 2013 Collection

novobeads-fall-2013-coverDebuting on September 19th is the Novobeads Fall 2013 Collection!  One of the later releases for this season, Novobeads is offering a fun and diverse mix of charms, including more additions to their Crystal Macaroon beads and new colors  for the Silk Wraps, both introduced with the Summer 2013 Collection.  It’s finally starting to feel like fall and these darker shades are a welcome companion to the chillier temperatures.  I really like all the deep luxurious colors – burnt orange, crimson red, and royal purple, applied in a tie-dye manner.  I’ve enjoyed my Wild Rose Silk Wrap as a great way to highlight a few charms and keep my wrist light, check out my review on Novobeads Silk Wrap Review.

This season has more charms than we’ve seen from previous releases, including a wonderful sea-going theme, hobbies, animal, and a few meaningful dangles.  I love the Pirate, Pirate Ship, Compass, and Mermaid charms, they’re perfect for the upcoming Talk Like A Pirate Day and just fun overall.  I definitely want the Compass as it’s unique and something I haven’t seen before.  Novobeads put their own spin on the Pirate, Pirate Ship, and Mermaid with their signature sculpting, and I especially like the CZ as the pirate’s eye.

For hobbies there are a variety to choose from including Hockey Player, Knitting, Beer Mug, Chess King, and Chess Queen.  Knitting has been an often requested charm and this is a great representation with the knitting basket.  There are lots of beer aficionados here in the land of the micro-brew and the Beer Mug is perfect to pair with the Beer Stein released in the summer.  I’m also very drawn to the Chess King and Chess Queen with the delicate gemstones on the bottom.

This collection also includes the new Live, Laugh, Love statement dangles; these reminds us to live every moment, laugh every day, and love beyond words.  Each one is punctuated by a crystal and sells for $23USD.  The other large dangle in the release is the Thank You Note, which is engraveable on one side.  Novobeads does a great job of offering these thoughtful engravable pendants, including the Stocking for Christmas last year and Paw Print dangle in the summer.

There are a couple odds and ends in this collection, including the Kangaroos and Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon.  The Pink Ribbon makes sense for the upcoming Breast Cancer Awareness month in October and this is a nice way to represent the cause.  The Kangaroos show the mama kangaroo and her joey, and is an adorable portrayal of the animal.

In addition to these charms, Novobeads is offering a few bracelet sets for easy gifting.  Starting from $69 to $99, these are also perfect as starter bracelets if you’ve been wanting to get into the brand. The bundles are seasonally appropriate with colors and charms featuring some of their newly released beads.

Do you see anything you like? What do you normally wear for the fall?