Novobeads Fall 2013 Collection Review

novobeads-fall-2013-reviewNovobeads is known for their eclectic collections and this fall was no different.  Released for the season were more additions to their silk wraps, and crystal macaroons, as well as charms for hobbies, lifestyle dangles, Pink Ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and an adorable animal bead (for a full preview, check out Novobeads Fall 2013 Collection). One strong motif throughout the release included pirates and their seafaring ways. I was immediately drawn to these quirky characters* and it’s so wonderful that Novobeads created such a cohesive little set.

Included in this theme are the Pirate, Pirate Ship, Mermaid, and Compass.  The Pirate features the dreaded skull icon and the eyepatch that pirates are often depicted with.  I love that the eyepatch is set with a CZ to glam up this charm; this detail adds a fashionable appeal.  The skull sports a rather fierce expression and his teeth are bared in intimidation.   It’s rather large comparatively and if you missed out on the Ohm Beads LE Arrr, this is a great alternative!  The Pirate Ship is the natural complement to this scurvy dog and pairs wonderfully with the Pirate.  The charm is about half sail and half ship; lots of detail on this bead including the canons on the side, portholes, and the jolly roger being flown.  The bead is threaded lengthwise thereby showcasing the design on the sides.

The Compass is a must for any navigator and is a fantastic accessory to the Pirate and Pirate Ship.  This charm is a perfect replica of the real instrument with the directional lines clearly defined and engraved.  It’s a really fun piece and can also be used to represent how directionally challenged I am and I could definitely use more help in that regard.  The Mermaid is another great accompaniment to these other beads, and has been another popular motif this year both for fairy tale and sea creature themes.  This half-woman half-fish is a common figurehead for pirate ships so it fits in well with the other charms in this collection.  This version is depicted in a sleeping pose on her side, perhaps laying down on a rock and the back features her flowing hair including a starfish!  Her face isn’t as well defined, but her scales and fins definitely are.

Novobeads are rather good sized – a little larger than Pandora but not as big as Trollbeads, and they are large cored which means that they are fully compatible with other bracelets, including Pandora.  These products can be found online through the Novobeads store and is free shipping in the US, unfortunately there is no European distributor and they do not ship overseas.  I’ve been loving the pirate theme and have created a number of fun bracelets, and for this one I decided to utilize the Novobeads Lagoon Mini-CZ Bundle.  Aren’t these designs fun?  Does anything appeal to you?


Bead index (starting from left):  Novobeads leaf clasp, TB mermaid, Novobeads dream lagoon, Eske Storm sea stallion, TB unique teal glitter pumpkin, RBF kookaburra, Novobeads citron, Novobeads pirate, TB unique blue fish, Novobeads mermaid, Novobeads caribbean dream, Novobeads pirate ship, TB unique blue dillo, Novobeads compass, Novobeads bamboo, Ohm Beads LE arrr, TB unique teal python, Eske Storm magic rune, Novobeads cornflower blue, RBF mermaid, TB unique teal fish, TB small planet, TB unique green turtle, TB midgard snake. 

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  • Faye

    Really evokes a tropical isle in Fuji! Beautiful. Like from one of those photos of a perfect blue south seas ocean with a tropical isle.

    • Leann

      Thanks, Faye! That’s exactly the look I was going for :). These beads are so fun.

  • Faye

    That TB’s unique fish is terrific too! I am a huge fan of Novobeads faceted CZ’s. The colors are scrumptious!!! I need to budget for more, or maybe buy a mini cz set!

    • Leann

      Thanks! I like the fish too, it’s different :). I loooove Novobeads mini-CZs, they’re so unique. The bundles are more cost effective. 😉