New Pandora Zodiac dangles

Recently, I heard rumors about another set of animal dangles that Pandora was planning on releasing, but I didn’t want to report on it without any pictures or a firm confirmation. Well, I certainly got that today! I came across this picture of a new set of zodiac dangles that Pandora is coming out with January 2013; they will be $45USD each. I’m super happy about this news, because the Chinese zodiacs are definitely close to my heart, being a big part of my culture, and I’ve never liked the current zodiac animals because they’ve always seemed too cartoonish for my taste. One surprise with this unveil is that they are re-using the “supposedly” limited edition 2012 Chinese New Year dragon dangle as part of this collection. Even though, I knew the dragon was to be released in a wider circulation soon, this still comes as a shock to me because it seems like a bait and switch with regards to its “exclusivity”. I know lots of ladies, including myself, who ran out the door in hopes of finding this charm earlier this year, and now to find out that it’s going to be a part of Pandora’s permenant collection is disappointing for me. Β At least the price is around the amount I paid for my dragon. It does seem a bit out of place compared to the other animals; whereas the dragon is very ornate and stylized, the other ones are very round and less edgy.

In any case, I’m looking forward to this new collection getting released! Β I’ll have to make some room on my red Chinese-themed Pandora bracelet for the new zodiac piggy!

  • jenine

    Where is the Rat? Or is the mouse supposed to symbolize the same?

    • Leann

      That’s right. Much like the boar is a pig and the hare is a bunny. πŸ™‚

  • Elyse

    Great blog -Keep up the fantastic job you’re doing!
    In regards to the new zodiac dangles do we know if they are flat on the back or 3D?

    • Leann

      Thanks, Elyse! The dragon is 3D so I would assume the rest are as well.

  • Lauren Mills

    Is this the same dragon I have been waiting for?!?!

    • Leann

      Yes, much to my consternation!

  • Annie

    How do you know which one you are?

    • Leann

      It’s based on the year you were born in. Here’s a list.

      • Annie

        Thank you Leann.
        I am the goat.

  • Alice

    I am dissapointed to see that the Chinese dragon will now be released internationally as opposed to being restricted to the Asian market having brought it on my travels in Asia and thinking it was exclusive for my travel bracelet reminding me of holidays. I think Pandora should be clear about exclusive country charms. On the other hand I am so pleased that more of my fellow Pandora collectors will now have the opportunity to purchase the dragon which is one of my many favourites.
    I absolutely love your blog keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  • Angela

    Sorry , again Pandora has missed the boat on Asian inspired zodiacs not impressed,not my taste and wont be getting these as they almost look like they cut away the backgrounds tweeked it a bit and made the relief into 3D. The others were too childish and these are little better. Did they run out of ideas , designs ,designers or anyone with marketing skills.. Why would anyone use the so called exclusive Dragon in with this set, it looks so very out of place. If using this Dragon why not design a theme around that style?
    IMO, I am seeing a company that is working overtime to frustrate and annoy their customers. Too many bead systems out there to be bothered with that mess.Not dissing Pandora but they have to get their act together , they seem to think being #1 mean you get to sit on your butt ,relax ,and issue mandates /dictates to retail outlets and customers.
    Sitting on pins and needles waiting for my Redbalis to arrive from Perlen, ordered 5 charms Rose, Bird Nest, Zodiac,Thinking Man and one other flower. Can’t wait.

  • Ashley

    Awwwww I love these soooooooo much better than the current zodiac animal charms, totally agree with u Leann. I’m so excited to get my hands on one next year….I’m a monkey! πŸ™‚

  • hue

    whattttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!! i went all the way to asia to get this dragon dangle, now they widely release, that really disappointed!

  • Rosie

    Awwww!!! They are really cute! Are they are being sold in Australia too, if so when will they come out; in January like over there in America, or later???

    • Leann

      Hopefully it’ll be around the same time, but each country determines when to release a product.

  • Brianne Adkins

    Thanks Leann! I’m a Sheep/Ram! I found this page which is right on. No wonder me and my husband don’t get along LOL but seriously the meaning is a lot like me πŸ™‚ anyway I think these are definately an upgrade from the previous line…I wish they all had CZ’s I love anything that shines so I’ll be getting the special snake 2!

    • Leann

      My mother and grandmother are both rams! Very calm, dependable personalities.

      • S

        HAVING READ THE FAMILY TIES Article see they’ve done it again with the Zodiac DRAGON ! That was limited to Asia only last year as part of Chinese new year with the fortune Bag ( In Chinese) . Not happy at all as I paid a lot to get these imported only to find the dragon on release in UK now not fair…..

  • Laura

    Do you know if they will be releasing the silver w/gold tone dragon too.
    When will this dragon release and do you know how much the silver w/gold dragon will be.
    Thank You

    • Leann

      Hi Laura, it is my understand that the two-tone dragon will *not* be released worldwide. However, Perlen does have it in stock for sale at the moment :).

      • Laura

        Thanks for the tip about Perlen haveing the two-tone dragon. I am new to Pandora and appreciate the help.

      • Leann

        I’m so happy you got it! <3

  • Ruthy

    I am the rat, but my husband is the dragon. I want the dragon charm to go on the bangle bracelet. Lucky us, good match. πŸ™‚

    • Leann

      Very cute! I love the dragon charm too, it’s so stylized and cool. πŸ˜‰