New Logo

Thank you everyone for all your support with the blog. It’s definitely been a labor of love, and since I do work during the day sometimes it’s been a challenge to be on top of things. Especially given how Pandora lovers span the world, news and information can happen while we’re not paying attention or sleeping. A couple weeks ago I mysteriously contracted a cold that was most likely due to over-tiredness; I half-jokingly called it charms poisoning to my husband, lol.

Lisa has been great in filling in the gaps when news pops up during the day and helping me with the articles for the blog – she’s been a godsend! Since she’s the more creative of the two of us, I had really wanted to do something cool for our logo and after weeks of brainstorming, we were able to come up with this. Lisa did all the graphic design for this image and we’re really happy with how it came out!

We still have great ideas for upcoming posts and also reporting on what’s happening in the world of Pandora, but we would welcome any suggestions as well! Thanks again and we look forward to doing some fun things with the blog. Stay tuned :).