New introduction to Trollbeads

Ever since I started down the rabbit hole that is Trollbeads, I’ve been asked a lot of questions about how Trollbeads works and I thought it was about time I created a beginner’s guide, which includes a new video for explaining all the components of their interchangeable lock and chain system.  I made it a page for easier access as it will always be located under the For Beginners section under the main menu.  Since I’ve also become deeply immersed in the brand, I’ve also created a short FAQ section for Trollbeads under FAQs in the main top menu.

I’ve been really excited about my new acquisitions and I hope to share some of my enthusiasm for Trollbeads with you :).  Along for my new journey is John Greed Jewellery; a premier UK stockist has recently started carrying Trollbeads!  I’m happy to see that Trollbeads are expanding their distribution and getting out to a larger audience.

  • Jeanne

    Thank you, Leann!

  • Janet L.

    I enjoyed your video Leann…thank you for sharing your knowledge…I’ve seen some unique glass beads on Perlen that sure do look pretty but I’m pretty deep into Pandora at the moment and will have to restrain the urge to go Troll for now! LOL

  • Veronica

    I REALLY love how TB seems to take more “chances” with their product line… I would DIE (in a good way!) if Pandora came out with a cool skull bead!! I wish Pandora would take more chances…

  • Milana

    Thank you for such great information. Do you know if the two-tone maternity/paternity beads fit a Pandora bracelet?

  • Holli

    Hi Leann, this is unrelated to this post but I wasn’t sure where else to ask- I just got my first set of pandora clips (the 2 tone with small flowers) and after wearing them a few days I just took them off for the first time & noticed they left a black grease on my bracelet threads where they were clipped and on my hand if i touched the inside. They were black inside when I got them, which I assumed to be oxidization… but it is most definitely a greasy substance. Is this normal?

    • Leann

      Hi Holli, that doesn’t sounds like a normal occurrence. Maybe you trapped soap or dish detergent underneath the clips? Do you wash your hands or lotion with your bracelets on? Next time you have a question you can use the Contact Us link on the right side of the page :).

  • filiaecclesia

    Hi, Leann:
    I’ve been trying to find the answer to these two Trollbeads questions, without much success. Perhaps you can help: my sister recently gave me the beautiful Three Flowers Gold bead. It is marked LAA. Do you know if it should also carry the 750 mark? The little Trollbeads plastic bag it came in said at the bottom: Made in PRC. I know that many Trollbeads are in fact made in China; do you have any idea if this particular one is? It seems genuine to me, but I didn’t see a 750 mark, and the Made in PRC has me wondering. . . Thanks so much in advance!

    • Leann

      The charms should be labeled with both, LAA and 750. You can email me with a photo, that might be more helpful :).