New guide on how to spot Pandora fakes

Fake Pandora Murano bead

As an avid online browser and shopper of Pandora charms I know that I’ve personally run into some interesting looking sellers and listings that sometimes seem a little too good to be true. Sometimes these are legitimate listings, but other times they can be counterfeit pieces posing as authentic Pandora products!

I did a little research on the topic and put together a guide on how to spot Pandora fakes that presents some of the information I found and tips on how to spot these imitation and counterfeit pieces. Let me know what you ladies think!

  • Robin

    Thanks for all your information, I look forward to reading your posts. Could you do an entry on how to take care of Pandora in regards to cleaning and storage? Thanks. 🙂

    • Lisa

      Hi Robin, I know Leann has been planning to write an article on cleaning and storage. Look for it to be posted soon!

  • Christine

    I know the picture you posted is a fake Pandora murano but I love bling and it is so pretty! If they sell it for cheap, I might consider buying it! (though I might not wear it on a Pandora bracelet) 😛

    • Lisa

      Haha I know right? Some of these imitations actually look very good! I think it would be interesting if Pandora tried using Swarovski crystal in some of their future designs, but in the mean time I don’t think it would be too expensive to have like an “off-brand” bracelet with some of these charms.