New guide on getting started with Pandora bracelets

It’s official! I’m heading to the Pandora Unforgettable Moments Cruise in March. I got the time off, the cruise is registered for, and just have to book the plane tickets! I’m unbelievably excited, and I hope I can share the entire experience with you all.

In the meantime, between all the holiday excitement and New Year’s celebrations I thought I’d take some time to make a quick guide to help introduce newcomers to the exciting world of Pandora charm bracelets. It can be a bit confusing at first so I wrote down a few tips and explanations about the types of charms and terms you might hear around the Pandora stores and on the Facebook communities.

It’s a long post that has it’s own video too so I made the Pandora beginner’s guide into a separate permanent page on the blog for easy reference. Let me know what you gals think, or if you have any questions or suggestions you want to make in the comments!

  • Kate

    Hi Leann

    I just found your post today and I really love all your bracelets, how many do you have? I only have two silver ones, one has a pink theme, the other a blue green. I though I liked pandora but I think you are the biggest pandora fan ever. Look forward to seeing your next work of art.
    Kate, Australia

    • Leann

      Hi Kate, thanks for saying hi! I have quite a few, lol. It gets worse after each Pandora free bracelet promo. 😉

  • Ruth Dolan

    Hi Leann. I didn’t know where else to ask so sorry.
    I got the Polishing Cloth for Pandora, and it says not to clean semi precious stones. Do you know why?

    Regards, Ruth.

    • Leann

      Hi Ruth, the polishing cloth has chemicals that might damage the natural stones. You can polish around them though. 🙂

  • Shelby matthews

    hey their! I just noticed that on some newer charms their is a new looking hallmark, it has kinda a triangle before the ale, is this a new thing Pandora is doing I can’t seem to find it anywhere, sorry for all the questions hope to here from you thanks!!