My spooky Trollbeads additions

I was originally only going to create a Halloween bracelet with Pandora charms, but ever since I learned about Trollbeads’ Halloween collection, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about these.  It looks great in stock photos, but even better in person.  The pumpkin is so menacing with its bat-shaped mouth and the bat on the back reminds me of Batman’s bat-signal; it’s hollow inside so not quite as heavy as I would have thought.  The spider is so realistic, it creeps me out but I *needed* to complete this mini-collection.  As pointed out in early reports of the spider, it’s top heavy so the charm ends up with its legs in the air most times, but I’m okay with that since I don’t have to look at its beady little eyes, lol.  The charms are actually not as large as I expected from the pictures, they are definitely sizable and bigger than Pandora but not overwhelming chunky.

I was lucky to preorder the whole set from Trollbeads Boutique, one of my favorite places to shop and a Charms Addict featured store.  They’re always so generous, and constantly have awesome promotions running: $25 off of $125 or more (code: gift25) OR free double lock and chain with $75 spend (specify your size in the comments), and GWP with every purchase along with free fast shipping.  The current discount for the Halloween collection is: $5 off each Halloween bead (code HW5, can be used more than once) and $25 off if you purchase the 3 Halloween charms (code: HW25) which includes free domestic and international shipping!  Trollbeads Boutique also lists uniques on their Facebook page and they’ve been posting some incredibly fun fall and Halloween inspired uniques! If you see something you like, you just have to comment on the picture.

The Inner Glow is really something else!  The glow in the dark “frit” that is used in the glass can last up to 10 years with as little as 5% degradation if not overly exposed to sunlight.  These beads are “charged” by shining light on them, and the charge time is proportional – one hour in strong sunlight will allow it to glow for hours in the dark.  Since I got this collection at such a good price, I ended up getting 2 Inner Glows since they’re so unique and hard to match, I’m so glad I did.  The Pumpkin is $53, Spider is $44, and Inner Glow is $43.  These are production beads, but I’m not sure how quickly Trollbeads can restock their retailers as the holiday is coming up.  If you really want these, I’d buy them sooner rather than later!  🙂

For my Trollbeads Halloween bracelet I had to get the Troll Tree Pendant – it has that ghoulish quality that is so perfect for Halloween.  Normally this is hung on a necklace, but it has no problems being worn on a bracelet either.  You just have be prepared to give up the adequate bracelet real estate ;).  I didn’t realize this when I first came across the tree, but you can actually insert a bead into the top branches and it “rests” on another bead.  How cool!  I took apart some of my other bracelets and here is the result.  I’ll be sporting this around for the rest of the month.  🙂

Bead index (from left to right): troll tree lock, inner glow, World Tour Lithuania iron wolf, green dillo, unique glitter blossom, pumpkin, black dillo, earth, troll tree pendant, inner glow, eye bead, bead of fortune, orange dillo (retired), black bubbles, spider, green shade, pumpkin (retired), World Tour Hong Kong dragon and phoenix, black and white stripes.

  • Laura

    Will the inner glow glass bead fit on the Pandora bracelet?

    • Leann

      It doesn’t :(. It’s small core, but Pandora will fit on Trollbeads bracelets :D.

      • Laura

        Thx!! I guess I won’t be ordering this bead but it does look cool!! Love your website!!!

  • Karyn

    Ooooh! I love your bracelet it’s fab, fun and spooky! I particularly like the use of the troll tree pendant piece, I’m just building a collectionat present and didn’t realise you could use it that way. Now I’m going to add it to my wishlist. I love your blog too and good advice really: Trollbeads Boutique, I’ve not found any UK sites that offer a discount for buying all 3 Halloween beads ad Teutonic and I like the free international shipping 🙂

    • Leann

      Isn’t it fantastic? I buy from them all the time and they always have the best deals ;).

  • Elyse

    Oh Leann, you tempt me so to click on that Trollbead Boutique button and fall off my Pandora purist box.
    I love that Troll Tree it’s fabulous! The spider would creep me out -how fun thier charms are.

    • Leann

      It’s so fun, Elyse :D.

  • Carrie Webster

    Would the spider fit on pandora?

    • Leann

      It doesn’t :(. The hole is too small to fit over the Pandora threads. But Pandora does fit on TB bracelets ;).

  • Sharon

    Is the troll tree a pendant? What is the price? I love it!!

    • Leann

      I *love* the tree pendant! It is a little pricey because it has a lot of silver at $110, but Trollbead Boutique is offering $25 off purchases of $125 so it would be a good deal if you could add something small to the purchase. 🙂

  • Angela

    A friend called and said Did you see Leann’s Halloween bracelet, “it is to die for” It is beautiful and the Tree pendant is an excellent touch. I saw that and never gave it a second thought but seeing it with the Inner Glow it is fantastic it will be on my wish list.
    Got my 1st order from TB, very speedy transaction and I was lucky enough to get the free Baby’s Breath charm . I really like it ,quiet detailed for $20. Do they have monthly specials, presently the featured special is a free bracelet with $75 purchase,or $25 off $125.00 if several qualifying orders placed during the month would we be able to get several bracelets ?

    • Leann

      Thanks, Angela! I’m really enjoying this bracelet ^^. Trollbead Boutique changes their promo every once in a while, but ever since I started buying TB, they’ve had the $25 off that you can use every time.

  • Cindy W.

    I’m so glad I found you mentioned in the Trollbead Boutique facebook post. I have never ordered from them although I do follow on FB, and didn’t realize they offered such great specials. I’m am presently kicking myself for ordering my Halloween beads at my local store since I could have gotten a better deal from them. 🙁 I’ve added you to my places to check every day for good news about Trollbeads. Also, thanks for your fabulous pictures of all sides of the beads, I’ve often wondered why TB doesn’t do that. Thanks!

    • Leann

      Thanks, Cindy! I hope you enjoy the blog :D.

  • Laura

    Ok…. Should have asked this question earlier….. Even though the glowing glass bead won’t fit on Pandora bracelets, do you think that I could just slip it onto a silver chain necklace? Could the core of the glass bead hold both sides of a silver chain ? Meaning put the bead on a silver chain and then loop the end thread again thought the hole?

    • Leann

      That should work fine, the hole isn’t that small :).

  • inkypaws

    Love your website! Learn so much. I’m a pandora lover, but lately the trollbeads you have been posting are so unique and different Ia am going to take the plunge and start a troll bead. Just wish I could see them in person. I can’t wait for Redbalifrog to come out with a bracelet as I am a purest and would have to put the beads on their respective bracelets and I am in love with the Redbalifrogs. Thanks so much for all of the information and inspiration! I look forward to your posts!

  • Cheyenne

    Hi! This is my first time here. Thanks for all the great info. Really helpful. I love your Halloween bracelet. Will the tree pendant fit a pandora bracelet?

    • Leann

      Hi Cheyenne, the tree pendant is a great choice but it won’t fit Pandora :(. Pandora charms do fit Troll bracelets though, and there’s a special going on ;).

  • Helen

    I really need a batman trollbead to fit a pandora bracelet of a batman symbol the colours too if poss but only luck in America any joy with you?