My new Stackers jewelry box

Giant Pandora Jewelry BoxSince my Pandora collection has been expanding (by leaps and bounds!), I keep outgrowing my jewelry boxes.  First, I started with the Pandora bracelet box that comes with some purchases, then I got the small pink jewelry box.  After that, I found the 3-tier grey suede Pandora jewelry box and I also have my anti tarnish travel pouch.  Since the last bracelet promo, I’ve picked up quite a few new bracelets and charms so I started researching to try and find a bigger box to hold my beauties.  Ideally, I would LOVE to get my hands on this pink Pandora giant jewelry box; it’s a GWP but the spend is €1500 O_o.

But, in the meantime, I’ve found this wonderful line of jewelry boxes that fits my needs for the various parts of charms, bracelets, and other accessories.  It’s called Stackers and when I first saw them on the Pandora FB page, I tried to buy it online but they are produced in the UK and only recently have become available in the US, fulfilled through  I really adore my Stackers; I picked one with 4-tiers (you can buy the tiers separately), and there’s a level for everything.  While I wish I had safety chains on all my bracelets, I don’t want to buy any repeats, so for the time being most of my bracelets do not have the safety chains so they can lie flat.  There’s slots for rings and earrings, and also a whole level for charms.  The bottom level is divided into three sections, which I have put my necklaces in.  It’s so functional and pretty!  There’s a few different designs (not as many as I’d like), but I thought the pink with polka dots was just so cute and feminine.  I’m so happy my babies have a home!  And my husband is happy that my stuff isn’t scattered all over the place :P.

  • Janet

    Love those boxes Leann!…I’m currently on the lookout for something similar that has an anti-tarnish lining…QVC has some but the configuration isn’t exactly what I’m looking for…love yours though!

    • Leann

      I figured as long as I kept it out of the bathroom (moisture), they hopefully won’t tarnish! 😀

      • Jennifer Wr

        Leann, what do you think about using either the silica gel packs, or the anti-tarnish 3M strips, inside the jewelry box? I have heard so many stories, I was just wondering. 🙂

      • Leann

        Those both work great! Honestly though I just keep my boxes in a dry place and it’s been fine. 🙂

      • Jennifer Wr

        Thank you! 🙂

  • Caz Sultz

    Looks great 🙂 I’ve looked at these also, but wasn’t sure. Now you’ve given it a good review, I think I will buy one…I’ve run out of room too !

    • Leann

      I really love my box, Caz! I wish I could lug it around with me everywhere ;).

  • Jane Merrington

    Leann – how many bracelets can you fit in the stackers box?

    • Leann

      A lot, Jane! Lol, there’s 5 long slots (I’ve put two bracelets in each), 5 medium rectangular slots can fit bracelets with the bracelet closed, and the bottom tier is sectioned off into thirds and they’re really deep so you could keep a lot in there. You can see in the pictures, there’s so much space!

  • Cynthia Gilbert Pattison

    I have been eyeing them too but I thought they were only sold in the UK! Love the hot pink one!!!

    • Leann

      I was super excited to find them in the US! I tried eBay and Amazon UK, but the buyers wouldn’t ship to the US :(. I was debating between the light pink and the hot pink. I like that one a lot too!

      • Andrew K. Basoah

        For anyone looking for the official Stackers in the USA go to this link.

        We have started selling in Amazon USA!

  • Agnes

    Lovely boxes and a fantastic website. Ive recently caught the Pandora bug and your website has helped me so much and given me lots of ideas. I’m really liking the look of the Purple Flowers Murano glass bead and was hoping you could give me some help on what would match with it color wise? Thanks a bunch

    • Leann

      Hi Agnes, I sent you an email with some suggestions. Did you get it?

      • Agnes

        Unfortunately I didn’t receive your email. Would you mind emailing again my address is Thanks a lot for your help

      • Leann

        Just resent the email, Agnes. It might be in your spam folder if you’re not getting it.

  • Andrew K. Basoah


    My name is Andrew.. I work for LC Designs the creator of Stackers here in the UK. I would be happy to help you with any questions you have about our stackers!

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Jennifer Wr

      Hello Andrew, I was wondering if you coud tell me whether or not the Stackers will be re-stocked on Amazon? I needed some more layers in the cream color, but they have been sold out. And it looks like the pink is not being re-stocked either…

      Thank you!

    • Jane Merrington

      Andrew – please consider creating a tray just with long slots to lay bracelets in (I am not alone in having multiple completed bracelets that need a home) and also think about an anti tarnish lining as a lot of ladies want this to keep their Pandora shiny!

  • Jill

    I have 1 Stacker (the top level with the lid) and I think its great! I only started collecting a few months ago so my collection is still small but with these cute boxes, I know there will be lots of room to grow!

    I also have the light pink box, similar to yours, but instead of polka dots, its got stripes. 🙂

  • Pat

    Great idea for storing PANDORA! What are the dimensions of the Stacker box you have? I’m thinking of the same size and I’m also interested in a mini size shown on Amazon.

    • Leann

      According to the product description, this box is: 7.5 x 10 x 7.5 inches and weighs 4 lbs. Hope that helps! 🙂

  • Susan Tucker

    The stackers are really cute and affordable. Being the glutton I am, I made friends with someone in Belgium & got the GIANT Pandora box. Truthfully, the stackers would have been more serviceable. But I got carried away, as I always do with Pandora!

    • Leann

      Wow! I’d love to have the giant box, congrats!

  • Nicola Beeson

    How do the Stackers stay together? Are they magnetic?

    I’m in serious need of a jewelry box…as I just have my stuff bagged 🙂 lame, I know…but I do have a very small pandora box.

    I don’t think you’ll find a jewelry box that can permanently keep your jewelry free from oxidization…but 3M strips are great…you’ll need to change them out every 6 months though…or as soon as you see oxidization. Also, keeping perfume and sprays away from jewelry is good. Chlorine will also oxidize your silver.

    How high can you stack stackers?

    • Leann

      They have indents that fit together but otherwise it’s not locked together. I have two and they’re stacked 4 and 5 layers, but it can go as high as you’re comfortable. I haven’t had a problem with oxization on mine, I just keep it away from moisture and other chemicals, like you said, Nicola.

  • Yasmeen

    I had the beige leather single level box but realized it was too small to hold my collection so I purchased the brown 3 level box which I find doesn’t close properly once bracelets with muranos are laid on. So now, I use the brown box minus one tray. I like its portability and that it keeps the jewelry tarnish free. But Pandora seriously needs to improve what they offer for storage. Customizable jewelry box is great idea.

    • Leann

      I know! It’s so frustrating they’ve not focused on this important accessory before. Hopefully this will be an affordable option.

  • Adriana A

    Are any of the above jewelry boxes anti-tarnish?

  • Susana

    I wonder if anyone can help me… I have a small collection, two bracelets and 10 or so loose beads. Most boxes are HUGE, and I mean it. On ebay I can get the two tiered heart shaped leather box (the swiveling hinged one) and I’m wondering if it’ll fit two full bracelets on top. If so, it would be perfect!
    I also like the stackers travel box, big enough for my collection but not huge. One thing that disturbs me though, is losing loose beads if opened the wrong way.

    Please hurry, my friend is coming from England on the 23rd of December, so there’s not much time to make up my mind. Maybe I’ll order both, and sell one if I’m not using it. Thanks!!!

    • Leann

      Sorry for the delay, the small leatherette box should fit two bracelets. I hope your friend was able to get you one!

  • Janet

    Where can I buy the large pandora jewellery box????

    • Leann

      Only place I know of is as a GWP, but shipping is very expensive!

  • steven jones

    I bought a charm from an online store, and didn’t realise it didn’t come with the pretty Pandora white charm box.

    Anyway, after lots of bidding on eBay and the items subsequently disappearing from the listings (??), I came across who were able to sell me an empty Pandora charm box that made my gift stand out a gave the Pandora wow factor.