My first Trollbeads bracelet

A couple weeks ago, I was feeling a bit uninspired by Pandora and in a moment of weakness I decided to check out Trollbeads.  Many of the ladies online have been making the switch lately and I decided to visit a Trollbeads store while I was near one.  I took advantage of the mother’s day promotion they were having and got a bracelet chain for free with a purchase of a lock.  The entire bracelet is interchangeable, with different lock/latch that you can buy.  I got the big flower, which is so pretty!  The chain size includes the lock length (even though it’s sold separately), so it’s totally different than Pandora.  I actually had to go up a size to 7.9 cm because the 7.5, my normal size, was too tight.

I also ended up doing the other mother’s day promo – buy 3 beads, get 1 free, and walked out the store that day with a bracelet and lock, and 4 silver beads.  Every bead has a story, and I got the Lucky Dragon, pig zodiac (limited edition), Sun Circles, and the Bead of Fortune.  The Bead of Fortune is so cool – it’s a two piece charm and depending on how they come together, that’s your fortune.  There’s a skull, star, two hands, heart, and clover.  They are definitely a different breed than Pandora; Trollbeads are so much more ornate with a lot of gothic and baroque influences.  Not as mainstream as Pandora, but I like that they have a lot of character.

I’m really excited to get the glass beads to add some color to my bracelet.  I feel another addiction coming on!  I am “charms” addict, after all ;).  Unfortunately, Trollbeads doesn’t have any stores that only sells their line; all the jewelers by me are pretty small, far away, and don’t have much inventory.  It’s been surprisingly tough to see the beads in person.  I’ve made a few purchases online and can’t wait to get them!


  • Addie

    Cool! Is it cheaper or more exspensive than our lovely pandora?

    • Leann

      It’s about the same; some glass is more expensive because they’re “uniques” (limited production experiments).

    • C.S.

      Many of the silver beads appear more expensive than Pandora but may be larger (f.i, the Cherub and some of the animal beads require more silver.)

  • Debra

    Very Pretty, Leann. I felt like that one day too when I wanted a darker pink bracelet and decided to go to my local Trollbead store to look and because of the bracelet special ended up walking out of the store with the bracelet, clasp and one of the OOAK. The two stores I have visited our also small and doesn’t have much inventory either, there are two I havn’t visited but plan on going this weekend because of the World Tour beads will be in the US this friday. One of my stores is having another bracelet promo this weekend. Buy a World Tour bead and get a free Bracelet and double clasp free. I don’t that this is going on in all stores so check your stores if you want any of the World Tour beads. There rep will be there this weekend also with hundreds of OOAK and more World Tour that the store couldn’t order again because of inventory and cost they can’t carry everything. I wasn’t going to start another TB but thoses green muranos are growing on me.

    Where did you order from? I havn’t placed an order online yet but would like too. I want the glass Easter Eggs.

    • Leann

      I’ve found the same problem, Debra. Finding a store that has a good selection is incredibly frustrating. There’s 3 stores “near” me and they all take >30 minutes to get to. They’re all small boutiques so their hours are super inconvenient. I actually picked up this bracelet when I was out of town on a business trip last month. I’ve also bought on Perlen and a couple of online retailers in the US (Goldmine Trollbeads and Trollbeads Studio) and they’ve been great too. Hard to tell the color from the screen though :/. I’ve preordered several beads from the World Tour! I saw that deal too; I believe you have to buy a whole country kit to get the free double lock and chain.

      • C.S.

        I bought my TB bracelets from TrollBeads Studio (buy lock, get free bracelet.) Perlen’s prices can’t be beat!

        Leann, which of the World Tour beads did you order? I have SYDNEY HARBOR, a handful of BALTIC GOLD coming.

    • kimmie

      I have found 2 retailers who have a nice assortment of the Glass Eggs. and M & J Trimming in NYC. I am a Trollbeads fan. Most of their regular glass is $31.

    • C.S.

      Being a dangle-lover myself, I agree with you that those EASTER EGGS are a must-have. Absolutely lovely

  • inkypaws

    There are room for all charms. I just love jewelry, espcially charm bracelets. Great to hear about another brand. I love the Dragon and the clasp/lock. Troll beads actually came out before Pandora didn’t they? HAve never seen one in real life. I would keep my bracelets seperate and have a pandroa bracelet and a troll bracelet, would feel strange to me to mix them, but I’m a little OCD. Thanks agian for such informative posts. Look forward to them.

  • Endangered Trolls

    Trollbeads are a much older brand than Pandora 🙂 They’re the “original” bead brand and launched in 1976. They’re the first brand that took the charm concept and rather than have them dangling from a bracelet, they put them *onto* the bracelet. They can largely be thanked for the craze that ultimately became known as the European style bead bracelets and influenced Pandora, Chamilia and Redbalifrog (plus others!)

    My Troll collection is far larger than my Pandora collection and I still believe that Troll’s glass is superior to Pandora’s (though the latter are vastly improving.)

    I admit I largely keep Pandora and Trollbeads separate when I wear them, though I’ve done a lot of features for my blog that show them worn together. Many Troll silvers are a lot larger than Pandora’s so they don’t always look great together.

    It’s also worth noting that not only do Troll release more products than Pandora but due to how long the company have been around, their back catalogue (or museum) is simply enormous. Many of the rarest and coveted beads can change hands for huge amounts of money.

    If you love bead bracelets, they’re most definitely worth looking into if only to pay some credit to the brand that started it all 🙂

  • Kim

    I love that sun-circle bead!! I wonder if that would fit on my leather bracelet from Pandora?… I have never heard of Troll Beads but I like the dark color of the silver. Looks like i’ll be on the hunt for some very soon.

  • C.S.

    I found many of the silver TrollBeads to be more costly that Pandora (I have an impressive Pandora collection.) I always dreamed of having an bracelet full of amber so I too had to go to the dark side, to the TrollBeads, who has an amazing collection of amber, including the Uniques or OAKK (or whatever they are called.) I perused through some local jewelry stores without feeling compelled to invest. Without having tried on Trolls, I placed an order online for my first Troll (in USA: buy lock, get free bracelet.) Because I’ve overloaded with amber, I had to go up one size than my Pandora. I ordered most of my amber online (because of the slim selection in local stores.) I am particular fond of TrollBead’s WorldTour selection and am rejoicing tnow hat I can get SYDNEY HARBOR from any store and not just from Australia. Among other WorldTour selections I have the hots for is the blue Midnight Murano (Hong Kong) and some other individual beads from the other countries. I do not like all four beads in one single country’s selection. WorldTour Denmark also have an amber and Balkin’s has the BALTIC GOLD (I’m drooling thinking of it, look it up and you’ll too.) I may have to get back to working full-time to support my Pandora and TrollBead habit. All in all, I have a TIFFANY bracelet with heart dangle and an extra MOM charm attached; two Pandora clasp bracelets (one silver, one two-toned and endless interchangeable charms and Muranos) and my TrollBead bracelet. I have a Pandora necklace and am ready to get a TrollBead necklace too. I have picked a select handful of silver TrollBead to go with my amber sea-theme such as the CHERUB (adorable) and MERMAID and FAITH, HOPE, LOVE. Each silver bead is situated different (taking and appearing either less or more silvery between the muranos. I am a die-hard Pandora fan but I love my TrollBead too. If you like the Asian part of the world and see the HONG KONG murano then I’ll bet you too will be heading to the dark side of the bracelet world.

  • Georgie Girl

    Hi Leann and others! I love Trollbeads and think they are the best out of all of the add-a-bead bracelets because of the vibrant colored glass beads and meaningful silver beads. If you go on Morton and Rudolph’s Trollbeads South Jersey facebook page and “like” it you can see the pictures of the Trollbeads that they have in stock, especially the UU’s, retired beads, and new beads. They will take pictures of the beads for you and post them on facebook, or send them to your email. You can call them, as well, they are very friendly. The BEST part is they don’t charge extra for their beads and they ship them for FREE!

    • Leann

      Thanks for the tip, Georgie. I’ve found a lot of the Trollbeads LDs have very active Facebook pages and will sell through there. It’s the next best thing to going into the store and picking them out in person :).

  • Susy Gamarra Giacomelli

    Hi! Just a doubt,,,, the fortune bead fits on a Chamelia bracelet? I am new in this bead world and I heard that Trollbead now make more universal holes so I guess it fits,,, but just in case,,, somebody could confirm that? (I have it on my christmas wish list but only have Chamelis bracelet till now,,,,,)

    • Leann

      The Bead of Fortune does not fit on the Chamilia bracelet because of the threads, but would on the Chamilia bangle :). Trollbeads have universal uniques which are their glass beads and those do fit other brands, but generally their silvers have smaller cores that do not fit other brands (although some do have larger cores).

  • Susy Gamarra Giacomelli

    Dear Leann many thanks for the info :)))