Michael Weihe The World Review

michael-weihe-worldFollowing the feature on Seahorse and Seahorse Daddy, today’s post discusses Michael Weihe’s The World charm.  Michael is an amazing goldsmith located in Denmark, and his work first came to my attention by way of the Trollbeads Jellyfish, one of my favorite nautical themed beads.  He has a background in biology and is inspired mainly by nature.  The is evident in his production of The World, which depicts a globe.

The World is a perfect sphere and mostly solid bead.  The continents, latitude and longitudes lines are all hand carved and impeccably detailed.  The core is vertically lined through the center so that the countries are laying on their sides.  This charm is smaller than the Trollbeads Big World, but that one is also an openworks bead.  They pair perfectly together or can used in the alternate to represent travel or places you’ve lived.

I’ve been impressed with the quality and thoughtfulness behind Michael Weihe’s designs.  These beads have small cores which means that they only fit Trollbeads bracelets or ones without threading.  Michael Weihe operates his own online store.  I’ve used a number of the Trollbeads World Tour charms in composing this bracelet, and I’m happy with the result!  Which earth do you prefer?


Bead index (starting from left, Trollbeads unless otherwise stated):  chess lock, fashion flower, shortcut (retired), chess, unique beige braid, WT Japan sacred house, black spot, white heart, Michael Weihe world, unique beige galaxy, unique white ornament, big world, white flower, black dillo, WT Denmark viking ship, white trace, unique beige white bubbles, WT US white house, black dot, eye bead.

  • Laura Summers

    Eh – it’s okay, but it kind of looks cartoonish next to the Pandora world globe. The Pandora one looks literally like a mini-Globe. This one looks like squiggley, and the longitude lines aren’t really doing it any favors, IMO.

    • Leann

      Well, Pandora charm molds are machine made and these are definitely handcrafted. It’s more for people who like Trollbeads anyway, with a rougher organic aesthetic :).