Michael Weihe – Seahorse and Seahorse Daddy

michael-weihe-seahorseI first featured Michael Weihe’s incredible work with Trollbeads a few weeks ago and today we turn to a couple of his amazing designs that he’s created in his studio.  Michael mentioned that he takes great inspiration from the natural world and organisms stemming from his degree in biology.  This fascination with life forms is amazingly transformed in his portrayal of sea creatures including the Seahorse designs and its variations as charms and pendants.

Ever since I browsed through Michael’s impressive catalog of jewelry, I’ve been entranced with the Seahorse bead.  This piece has had an interesting history; Michael originally started making this one while he was still with contracted with Trollbeads, therefore, the first run of Seahorse was short and highly coveted.  So it was only once Michael quit the company that he was able to produce his own designs through his independent shop on a wider scale.  Now there are several versions of the Seahorse. 

The Seahorse is incredibly sculpted and one of the best depictions of the animal available in charm form.  Lots of great craftsmanship is found on this piece – it is dimpled along the body to create the texture of the creature.  The little fins along the body and head add a delicate touch to this piece.  It is also amazingly versatile as it can be strung through the body or vertically through the neck for a dangle look; I love that you can wear it both ways.  The Seahorse is also available in two-tone with blue diamond eyes and an all gold version with diamond eyes for the truly decadent. 

Seahorse Daddy is a play on the original Seahorse design.  Since seahorses are one of the only animals where fathers gestate the young (from several hundred to thousands in a litter), this charm is multidimensional and shows several baby seahorses and one daddy seahorse in a cylindrical shape.  It’s chunkier compared to the Seahorse and also shorter, but they do cost the same.  It really is an amazing creation, with all the details intricately carved out.  I can’t look at this bead without amazement, it’s truly a work of art.

I am so honored that Michael sent* these to me for review as I have been absolutely drooling over the designs for some time.  Seahorses transform really well into charms and this designer’s are one of the best on the market. They can be found online at the Michael Weihe store. I hope you love these beads as much as I do! How do you think they compare to other brands? Have you become a fan of Michael’s style?

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  • Leigh

    What a fantastic bead! Like you, I love the fact that you can wear it both ways – it would look really good on a necklace for variety.

    • Leann

      It’s really nice, Leigh :). The seahorse is so well designed and made. When it’s worn as a dangle, the seahorse isn’t overly long or cumbersome either. Love it! 🙂

  • Pattie Hall

    beautiful seahorse, but cost to much for me.

    • Leann

      It is pricey, but it’s a lot of silver too :).