Mette Saabye for Trollbeads Elderflowers Jewelry Collection

Mette-Saabye-elderflowers-collection-campaignExciting news this morning as US retailers receive word that there will be a special jewelry collection releasing this Friday, April 19th!  The set is designed by Mette Saabye, one of my favorite Trollbeads artists, and the incredible mind behind the Zucchini Flower, Sun Circles, two-tone Strawberries, and Cherry Blossoms to name a few.  This collection will be based off the Trollbeads Elderflowers which debuted in the Spring 2013 collection.  In addition to the charm, there is also the Elderflower Pendant.  These were some of my favorite pieces and I’m so ecstatic that an entire line of jewelry will be based off of this design.

Trollbeads is best known for their incredible charms and beads, but their jewelry line is less popular.  Personally, I don’t own any Trollbeads jewelry other than the Onyx Fantasy Necklace but these pieces have definitely peaked my interest!  Included in the Mette Saabye Elderflowers Collection are 4 rings, 3 sets of earrings, and one amazing brooch.  The prices on these pieces definitely give me pause, but some do have splashes of gold which helps justify the cost.

The earrings come in several different styles, the first pair are simple all-silver studs, the second set feature a bunch of elderflowers which boasts gold buds in the center, and the third earrings are clip-ons for those who do not have pierced ears and the flowers also have gold centers.  I love the grandiosity of the clip-on earrings but I would imagine that they would be heavy and start to hurt after a full day’s wearing.  While the single flower studs are the most affordable of this collection, I think I would prefer the bunches because they really make the most impact.

Next up are the 4 rings in the Elderflowers Collection, these also go from simple and elegant to statement jewelry.  The Elderflower Ring features two single blossoms entwined together with gold centers.  The gemstone rings feature garnet and peridot along with an elderflower with CZ bud. These three rings would be perfect for stacking, as they’re almost too slender to be worn separately.  The Elderflower Bunch Ring is definitely a focal piece and includes a disc of flowers; this is my favorite style of ring.

Lastly, is the breathtaking Elderflowers Brooch – I don’t think I’ve ever worn a brooch before, but for this piece, I just might!  A large and impressive bouquet of flowers, this type of jewelry is perhaps a first for Trollbeads.  It looks incredibly big in the stock photo, so the picture of it worn on the model is a better indication of its size. I would say the price is also impressive as it does not have any gold, but it is a lot of silver.

I find it interesting to see the direction that Trollbeads is taking, given that these earrings, rings, and brooch are beautiful and highly polished silver pieces with almost no oxidization, but depict little of the gothic and quirky style that they’re so well known for.  It does indicate that perhaps Trollbeads is continuing its push into the wedding market with the upcoming nuptial season, as news came out late last year that the brand would be offered at Bed, Bath & Beyond primarily for its wedding registry service.  What do you think of this new collection?  Any piece that just hopped onto your wish list?  What do you think of Trollbeads’ jewelry line in general?

  • Angela

    Beautiful,but while I loved the charm these are not tempting enough to make me justify spending so much on a piece.OMGoodness Leann,you have no idea how those clip on earrings could hurt.For some reason one would go on and be fine and the other,no matter what would just be agony.

    • Leann

      I can imagine! My aunt wears clip-ons and I used to try them on when I was little. I don’t know how she could stand it! Those look heavy too :O. I really love this collection, so I’ll have to see where my priorities are ;).

  • Boricuadiva

    Love the collection but the prices are absurd. I’ve had to stop buying troll bead charms as their prices are way too high in comparison to the other brands. It’s a shame as I do prefer their aesthetic.

    • Leann

      I agree, the prices are climbing higher for a lot of brands I’m seeing. I absolutely adore this collection though so I will have to think on it some more. 🙂

  • Denise

    I saw this collection earlier this year at my local TB kiosk. I assume they got ’em early, and they had no information on the collection other than price. Glad to hear more about these pieces. They’re pricey but beautiful!

    • Leann

      Wow, that’s interesting Denise. Where is your store?