Macrow Exclusive Beads Store Critters

macrow-exclusive-bead-store-critter-coverI was excited to introduce Macrow as both a retailer and their Exclusive Beads Collection a few weeks ago. I couldn’t wait to receive my package of Macrow designs and today I’m taking a look some of their amazing critter beads.  Having just recently debuted their own line of glass, this brand has done an amazing job of designing and executing the new collection.  I’ve always been a fan of critter beads and they’ve got some really fun ones.

macrow-exclusive-bead-store-critter-reviewThe initial release from the Exclusive Beads line features a few critter designs that may be familiar to veteran Trollbeads collectors, as well as a few innovative new ones that have never been seen before. The bee, butterfly, and lady bug beads are well done in Macrow’s own style, but it’s the new critters that have really caught my eye!  I was able to get my hands on their fish, caterpillar, lizard, and starfish designs and they are very charming.

I like the use of raised 3-D glasswork on this beads as it gives them a lot of visual texture and helps them standout on a bracelet that may be crowded with other beloved pieces. The lizard is one of my favorites as his eyes and scales on his back are all three dimensional – check out his detailed limbs as well. The starfish and butterfly beads are also done in this style and I think it’s a unique feature to the Exclusive Glass Bead collection.

Exclusive Beads are small cored and fit on Trollbeads style bracelets but not Pandora. The are available from Macrow Exclusive Bead Store, and the shop will be adding new Trollbeads uniques tomorrow (6/5) and the Carved Ambers on Friday (6/6) for anyone that’s missed out on them!  They do ship internationally for all the brands they carry.  What do you think of these fun critters? Do you have a spot for them on your bracelet?

  • Lauren Hutzell

    Leann, have you seen Fenton’s line of glass and hand painted beads? They’re beautiful and made in West Virginia!

    • Leann

      I have, but not in person. They are very pretty! 🙂