Macrow Exclusive Beads Spring Blossom Collection

macrow-exclusive-bead-store-spring-blossom36Macrow Exclusive Bead Store has been incredibly successful in launching their own line of glass beads and today we’ve got a first look of their new upcoming spring collection! Titled Spring Blossom, these designs are perfect for the rebirth and renewal of nature. There are 12 different beads in this collection, however they’re not named yet, and they will be releasing in the near future.  I love the variety of shades in this set and it’s such a wonderful followup to their Within the Winter Garden Collection.

Spring is my favorite season of the year and I just love the smell of rain and seeing new life blooming around me.  These glass beads represent this sentiment with a gorgeous explosion of color.  Macrow Exclusive Beads have large diameter cores and will fit on all bracelet types including Pandora.  These are priced very reasonably and will probably be between £8 – £15, available on Macrow Exclusive Bead Store website.  Are you excited for this release?

  • Bonnie May

    Ooh! Very pretty! 😀 I have some of their glass beads, including the winter garden collection. I don’t know that I need all 12 of these, but there are definitely a few that are gorgeous & must haves!