Macrow Exclusive Beads Halloween Review

macrow-exclusive-bead-halloween-collectionWe’re just right around the corner from October and one of my favorite holidays of the year – Halloween!  I’m planning a fun-filled month of creepy crawly charm themed reviews and to kick it off are the Macrow Exclusive Beads Halloween Collection.  I previewed these about a month ago and have been anxiously waiting to showcase them.  I love creating Halloween bracelets and have been on pins and needles waiting to see if Trollbeads would produce Halloween uniques this year.  They haven’t in the past but I was hoping for scary glass designs, so I was incredibly enthusiastic when I saw the new beads from Macrow’s Exclusive Bead Store.

There are 9 designs in this set: the Bat, Another Bat, Midnight Mouse, Jack O’Lantern, Midnight Cat, Eclipse, Midnight Skies, Witch’s Hat, and the Big Spider.  There’s a lovely selection of motifs and colors in this collection and I absolutely adore all of them.  For those that aren’t keen on Halloween designs or want more versatility, the Midnight Skies is gorgeous with a blue to black gradient, glitter background, and the stars and moon.  Eclipse is a classy black and white bead with the moon slowly being overshadowed.

The Bat is featured on red glass and he’s depicted as a more cartoonish version than Another Bat, which is orange glass and a more traditional outline of the animal.  The Midnight Mouse has clear glass layering a pink core and the mouse itself is slightly raised from the bead.  The Big Spider is on matte white glass with a comically sprawled out spider on top.  The Bat, Another Bat, Midnight Mouse, and the Big Spider offer a lot of texture as these creatures overlay the glass.

The Jack O’Lantern is the most colorful bead in this set and shows a leering carved pumpkin painted in the beige glass.  The Midnight Cat is incredibly crafted with a blue core, clear glass, and the black cat is drawn on top of a moon background with bubbles captured in the glass.  Witch’s Hat wasn’t included in the original preview, but it’s so perfect in this collection!  It has a dark blue witch hat on a bright orange bead.  These are a bit more targeted for Halloween but can be used on other themed bracelets as well.

The Exclusive Beads have small diameter cores and can only be used on non-threaded bracelets like Trollbeads.  While they’re not officially available for sale yet, I was eager to review these as they’re perfect for the upcoming holiday.  I appreciate that they’re affordable as well at £15GBP each, and much lower than the price for Trollbeads glass.  The release is scheduled for this Friday, October 3rd, and can be purchased from Exclusive Bead Store what do you think of these designs?

Bead index (starting from left, *redbalifrog silver and Macrow glass): dragon lock, gargoyle, jack o’lantern, Mexican owl, the bat, howling wolf, midnight mouse, igor the bat, midnight skies, pumpkin pig, another bat, baby dragon, midnight cat, sugar skull, big spider, luna moon, eclipse, wise owl, witch’s hat, snake skin.