Macrow Exclusive Beads Flora and Fauna Collection Sneak Peek

exclusive-beads-white-bunniesThe Macrow Exclusive Beads Halloween Collection has been a massive hit and following up on those popular designs is a set of flora and fauna beads in the upcoming Animal Collection and Floral Collection.  This is just a sneak peek of the beads so I’m not certain on the total number of glass in either set.  There’s no confirmed release date yet but it will be between October and December, and I’ll post more information when I find out.

I adore critter beads and I reviewed a number of them when Macrow first introduced their line of Exclusive Beads (see Macrow Exclusive Beads Store Critter).  I can’t wait for these new ones especially the Paw Prints and White Bunnies.  I’m also excited for the flower designs as they look really intricate and different than the typical floral glass patterns.

The Exclusive Beads are large diameter core and can fit on bracelets of all kinds.  They’re generally priced between £13-17GBP, so it’s likely that these will be too.  Have you gotten any of beads from Macrow’s Exclusive Beads Store?

  • Laura Summers

    I love this! WHYYYY does Pandora not do more glasswork?!

    • Leann

      I agree, they need to stop retiring so many glass and work on producing more! 😉

  • CarolinaWings

    Oh my, have not ordered outside of US before but now I’m tempted.

    • Leann

      They are fabulous and have great customer service! 😀

  • Bonnie May

    I adore Macrow! Their customer service is great. I ordered from them months ago, and then again last week. My Halloween beads arrived Friday, and I can’t wait to play with them. Made myself promise to finish my grading before I did, though. Grrr!

    • Leann

      A carrot for getting your work done! 😉 Which Halloween beads did you get? I adore them all and love that they did a Halloween set!

      • ami

        wanna get their Midnight Skies but I failed from the beginning or right after the restockings

        I’ve got some of their stone, glass & pearl beads, such
        as their ‘Moonlight’ & jasper beads. All of them are fab &
        go well with my trolls

      • Leann

        Aww, too bad you missed out on that one. It was super popular! I’m glad you found some other stuff you liked though :).