Lori Bonn High Society Collection

lori-bonn-high-societyLori Bonn was introduced to the blog a couple weeks ago and is a style that is completely different than what I normally cover.  The aesthetic is bold and glittery, fashioned after the Victorian or Art Deco periods with intricate filigree work and bright stones.  High Society is one of the brand’s newest collections and features Art Deco geometric patterns and the glamor of that time.  The pieces in the set are clearly named after themes from the decadent “Roaring Twenties” period here in the US, and the collection exemplifies that glitzy era.


High Society’s color palette is dominated by purples and blue gems set in Lori Bonn’s distinctly detailed silver work. I received* several Bonn Bons from the collection and I am so thrilled to be able to get a closer look at these intricate charms. These pieces use mainly colored cubic zirconia but on a large scale; the big stones are framed by smaller ones and silver detailing.  The charms slide onto a 3-strand bracelet which has an adjustable toggle clasp.  I’ve found that it’s relatively easy to put on with one hand, something I appreciate when I’m trying to get the bracelets on and no one is around to help. 

First up is Let’s Deca Dance!, a piece that features a rectangular tanzanite CZ framed by matching purple Swarovski crystal elements set in a delicate silver frame. Social Climber is another dazzling charm and centers around a large faceted cobalt blue glass piece. The glass is again encircled by a detailed silver setting that has Swarovski elements which help offset the visual weight of the center gem. All Dolled Up and Paris Awaits are lovely geometric flower charms, set with blue and lavender Swarovski crystals respectively. Both feature Lori Bonn’s signature styling, highlighting the Swarovski elements with mandala pattern and points set in the silver. Old Money is one of my favorites because of its interesting shape – it showcases a dark royal purple tear drop surrounded by small clear crystals.  You don’t really see the pear shape featured on charms and this would make a gorgeous ring too.  Violets are Blue is an exclusive charm that is only available with a leather bracelet set; it features purple flower, with oval and square petals and it is smaller than the other charms by far.  In the Navy is not a part of this collection, but it pairs so well with the other pieces.  It is a synthetic blue sapphire surrounded by rivets of silver combined for a maximum impact. 

This collection is quintessentially Art Deco, and I like how carefully sculpted and ornamented the shapes are.  The bright stones catch the light wonderfully and they add some major sparkles to a bracelet. These charms are made with silver and have different types of materials like crystals and cubic zironcia.  The price range is $58-$118 for these Bonn Bons since the pieces are so large, and Lori Bonn can be found at these retailers.  I hope you enjoyed a look at something different, do you like this style of charm bracelets?

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  • carol

    I love lori bonn and have five charms now. I find them a nice change from my pandora and trollbeads but I also occasionally wear them together

    • Laura Summers

      Please do post a pic! These pics from Leann are nice, but I’d love to see how it looks on. 🙂

      • carol

        Ive tried to send a photo but this wont let me. Mb must be too large

      • Rachel Ok

        My newbie!

      • Leann

        So pretty! New addiction eh? 🙂

    • Leann

      They are definitely a different look than Pandora or Trollbeads. Glad you like this brand!

  • jae

    Carol, you should post a pic so we can see how you coordinate bracelets 🙂

  • Laura Summers

    I’d definitely need to see them in person – IMO, sometimes “gems” this large made of CZ can be tacky-looking.

    If you only have one or two, how do they stay in place on the bracelet? Are they clipped somehow?

    • Leann

      The charms are not clipped but they have clipping stoppers, the slim “bars” at the ends of the bracelet in the picture. They work very well. 🙂