Pandora Rare/Exclusive charms

The Pandora jewelry line was started 30 years ago by Per and Winnie Enevoldsen, since then they have expanded their business across the world. In 2000, Pandora introduced their famous charm bracelet collection with a grand total of 15 charms, and have since then grown to offer more than 600! For those of us who have not been collecting Pandora for that long and have recently gotten addicted, here is a list of the “rarest” charms and charms that were either limited or country exclusive. Please add anything I’ve missed to the comments and I will edit this page.

Most Exclusive

    • Perfume bottle with “PAN” engraved on the bead instead of the more common “Ŏ”. This has a funny provenance and is something of an urban legend in the Pandora community. Some admins on the Pandora Facebook have said that the perfume charm used to come with “PAN” engraved and subsequently changed the engraving to “Ŏ”. Then again, I’ve heard some ladies adamantly deny the existence of these charms. Pandora mystery…I’ve found a picture of it, but I’ve never seen anyone admit to owning one. If you have one, you’re one lucky girl!
    • Royal Denmark Church/Cathedral charm with a gold crown and ’14-5 2004′ engraved on the bottom. This was a limited edition (~3,500 charms) release in Denmark to commemorate the wedding of Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and Mary Donaldson. Incredibly rare and I only recently discovered this charm, and I would love to get one! There is also a church charm available that does not have the gold crown and engraving on the bottom – but that one has also been retired (of course it’s still easier to find than the other cathedral charm).
    • Royal True Love charm is red enamel hearts with crowns dangle that was released in 2008 to commemorate the second marriage of Prince Joachim of Denmark to Marie Cavallier. The limited edition version of this charm has their wedding date engraved on the charm ’24/5 2008′, while the widely available hearts dangle does not.
    • “Holy grail” charm which is a teal pearl dangle, that looks exactly like the Daisy Teal CZ dangle (except for the CZ it’s a pearl). These are rare as well, but I figure since I have the Daisy Teal CZ, it looks basically the same, so I don’t feel the drive to get this one [as much] ;).  The charm was retired because the teal pearl tended to lose its color very quickly, so because of the defect, Pandora discontinued making this dangle with a pearl.
    • “Christ” charm, made for Christ Jewellers located in Germany; I’m pretty sure I’ve gone on and on about these, but it’s worth highlighting here! These little gems are two-toned open heart dangle that hangs off-centered. It’s much prettier in person than I expected as I’m not a huge fan of hearts. I’ve heard that there were only ~1,000 of these made (but it seems like there are more), so if you really want one, I’d snag it if you can!
    • Pandora “Life” staff charm – these look like a cross between a giraffe, a lion, and a bee. The three animals that represent Pandora’s values – the lion for Pride, the giraffe for Passion and the bumblebee for Performance and was handed out sometime last year for Pandora staff employees. They’re adorable!  This was definitely my ultimate charm, so I was very happy to get my hands on this little guy.
    • 2012 Unforgettable Pandora Cruise charm, which is the King’s Crown engraved with “Cruise 2012.” Approximately 100 of these were made, but the engraving is relatively shallow and easy to replicate :/.
    • 2013 Unforgettable Pandora Cruise charm, this one is actually customized compared to the 2012 cruise charm.  It is the Cruise Ship charm with the addition of a gold crown detail on the bottom with a pink cubic zirconia stone and “2013″ engraved.  Approximately 200 were made and is much more special than the other cruise charm.
    • Australia map charm, was scheduled for release with the Autumn 2013 Collection but due to negative feedback from Australian fans regarding inaccuracies with the design, it was recalled right before it was made available for sale.  However, a few may have been sold before they were pulled back by Pandora.


  • Blue Primrose Path charm is on the top of this list! Only available in Germany, I believe these just got retired in 2010, so it’s not as limited as the charms above are, but try to get someone to part with one and you will be paying a pretty penny. These are the same as the widely available Clear, Orange, and Brown Primrose Path (all CZs).
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Charm is a white enamel charm with two red maple leaves on either side. This was only released in Canada and peaked in popularity for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. It’s the perfect symbol for Canada and is difficult to find.  Beware that the white enamel tends to yellow with time and mostly UV exposure.
  • Royal Wedding charm which is a puffy heart with a “sapphire” stone and C & W engraved on the back available only in England and Australia to commemorate the royal wedding of William and Catherine (affectionately known as Kate). The blue stone (which is not actually sapphire, it’s a blue spinel) is to symbolize Diana’s incredible sapphire engagement ring and has tremendous meaning to the happy couple.
  • Midnight Hearts charm is two-toned and has black enamel hearts on 3 sides and a gold heart engraved with ’2011′ on one side. It was only released in the US for black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving in America where all the stores open early and have massive sales in order to entice shoppers in the door and their accounts back in the black).
  • Hong Bao (“red envelope”) charm is exactly like the silver money bag charm (engraved with a $) except it’s engraved with “福” (fu) which means blessings and good fortune in Chinese. Released to celebrate the Lunar New Year, this charm was only available in Asian countries at the beginning of its release but can now found in Central Europe and Australia as well.  The gold Hong Bao can also be purchased in Las Vegas.
  • Snake zodiac dangle with CZ is currently only available in Asian countries released for the Year of the Snake (2013).  Exactly the same design as the regular snake zodiac dangle, except with a line of cubic zirconia along the belly of the snake.
  • Family ties charm is a silver charm engraved with laughing faces all around the bead and a red enamel heart in the middle and is only available in the UK. Originally, this was released briefly in Denmark in 2009 for charity (possibly the Indsamling organization), and the remaining charms that were not sold during the benefit was shipped to the UK. This one is being retired so will be kind of hard to find in stores, but it goes for a whopping £150 (~$235 USD) retail and it’s entirely silver! This one…I have a hard time shelling out the bucks for. But recently it was revealed that the FTC was originally sold for 225DKK which is about $40USD which is a price increase of almost 6 times! So Pandora (amongst lots of controversy) decided to refund the difference for customers who purchased this charm along with a £50 gift voucher. Impressive!
  • Puzzle piece enamel dangle, looks just like it sounds. This is available in red, yellow, and blue and I’m not sure it was ever carried in the US stores. The puzzle piece was not released for Autism Awareness but they are a certainly appropriate symbol for the cause. These can still be found in Europe and Australia.
  • Dice – this bead is retired and was only available for retail sale in Las Vegas. Comes in silver, gold with diamonds or black diamonds which are Las Vegas exclusives and has been retired in the summer of 2012.  This was replaced with a new Dice with CZs, also only available in Las Vegas for North America but can be purchased in other countries without restriction.
  • Pandora Timebead. Timebead is in itself a brand and makes thread-on and clip-on watch faces; they have made these watch faces for Chamilia, Pandora, and other charm bracelet lines. The ones made for Pandora were only available in Belgium and have since been retired, they came in white, black, blue, pink, and yellow (some plain silver and some encrusted with CZs). For all you ladies who hate having to wear a watch with your bracelets, this is a great solution (if only it were more widely available!).
  • (American) Football Helmet charm – this is a North American exclusive charm which makes sense because football is very popular in the US while not so much in the rest of the world.
  • Oxi Two-Tone spacer – This spacer was only available for a limited time, and was found mainly in Germany (and randomly, Singapore). It’s very pretty and is quite hefty for a spacer. Priced originally at €49 which is a bit on the high side for a spacer, but I guess the gold increases the cost.
  • Oxi Two-Tone pendant – this pendant matches the spacer ^, and both look very much like a shield, but the pendant has a pink rhodolite gem in the middle. I believe this one was only available in Belgium/Germany and has already been retired.
  • Cricket Bat dangle is an Australian exclusive (and also found in Singapore), and while I barely know about the game, I think this charm is so cute with the ball threading onto the bracelet and the bat as a dangle. This country exclusive came out recently with the Floral Nostalgia collection.
  • Baseball is mainly a North American exclusive (and also North Ireland and Singapore), much like the cricket bat is in Australia, baseball is a popular game in the states, but not in a lot of other places. I wonder if the baseball is the equivalent charm to the cricket bat dangle for the US.
    • MLB Collection of engraved wood beads and Unforgettable Moments dangles representing all the teams in Major League Baseball is only available in the US.
  • 2012 Olympic Medal is part of the UK-inspired, Best of British collection and was released in June to celebrate the 2012 Olympic games taking place in London.  While the other two charms from the Best of British collection has been released world-wide, the medal has been exclusive to the UK and what is called the Central European market.  The medal was suddenly discontinued the week before the 2012 London Olympic games and stocks of this charm were quickly depleted.
  • Purple zebra print Murano was secretly unveiled in the Australian market following the world-wide released of the Tame the Wild animal print Muranos collection.  Pandora has confirmed that these are limited edition charms, and should become available in the Central European market as well in the near future.  These Muranos have made their way to the UK but only to a limited number of stores.
  • A Precious Gift charm was unveiled on Black Friday 2012 as a limited edition charm available only in North America.  This is the second year that Pandora has released a special charm for the US shopping tradition and I hope it is continued in future!
  • Sea Glass Muranos arrived with the Summer 2013 Collection and is only available in North America.  They come in indigo, purple, and multi-color.  The color is made with glass frits heated and melted within the bead, it is also faceted and part of the fascinating collection.  Will possibly available in other countries in the future.
  • Royal Baby Carriage charm is designed to celebrate the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the first child between Prince William and Duchess Catherine of Great Britain.  The bead is the regular baby pram with an added gold crown with CZ detail.  The back is engraved “Royal Baby 2013″.  The RBC is only available in the UK, Australia, and Canada.
  • I Love To Travel is a special exclusive airline charm that is only available on certain international flights, on select airlines.  These are sold in bundles in conjunction with other travel charms (camera, airplane, passport) and the difficulty in getting them is what makes them rare.
  • Let It Snow charm is the third Black Friday Charm released by Pandora for North America only.  This is an openworks pavé CZ snowflake with “2013″ engraved on the side.
  • Yuanbao or Silver Ingot is for the Chinese New Year in 2014.  It has the “財” Chinese symbol which is translated as wealth and is part of the CNY greeting: Gong Xi Fa Cai.  While not available in North America, it is available in most other countries.

Charity Charms

    • Randers-Frogs were made for a local hospital charity event in 2003 in the town of Randers, Denmark called “Kiss the Frog”. The locals decorated frogs as big as statues and placed them around the town and then the statues were then sold at auctions (similar to an event they had in Seattle called Pigs on Parade). The Pandora Randers-Frogs look exactly like the statues, and the bead was only sold in the town of Randers. These are not like the current frog charm that Pandora currently offers, it’s a completely different type of frog design. I’ve only ever seen these once, so they’re very rare!
    • Danmarks Indsamling charms, which is a collection of Danish companies to benefit charities in Africa, and Pandora as part of the group has released limited edition indsamling charms which there have been three so far.
      • In 2009, this was the Family Ties charm (see above) in silver and 14K gold.
      • For 2010 AND 2011, it was female (Venus) symbol as the 2010-2011 benefit was to help African women (these came in silver and gold), for 2010 it only came with the red lariat, but for 2011 it came with the black, green, and red lariats to represent the African colors.  I hadn’t wanted this for a long time because I thought it was too big to fit on a bracelet, but now I’m really digging it!  They seem to be awfully popular right now so I hope I can find one at some point :/.
      • For 2012, it is a feather dangle which was released on February 16, 2012, to benefit African children (again, silver and two-toned), because the feather symbolizes how adrift these children are, with no anchor and gets tossed around with the wind.
      • The female symbols are hard to find, and if history is any indication, the feather will be too. These charms are only released in Denmark, so it’s lucky for us that Perlen carried them and was willing to ship it out of the country.
    • Lucerne clips, which looks like the lucerne dangle (which got retired this past season) is a symbol of good health and which proceeds go towards the fight against Breast Cancer, was released in European cities and Australia.
    • LE single and double strand matte pink leather bracelets were offered in 2009 and 2010, respectively, in Australia for October Breast Cancer Awareness month.  The pink color is slightly darker than the regular metallic leather bracelet.
    • One World Health charm, which is a two-tone dangle with a teardrop clear CZ. I wasn’t super interested in this at first, but after seeing it in person, it is just gorgeous! These were available in North America only.
    • British Rose (poppy) charm which had 15% of proceeds going to The Soldier’s Charity for purchases in the UK.
    • Smooth triple leather pink bracelet is a limited edition breast cancer awareness bracelet that was only available in Australia in 2013.
    • Sparkling Heart charm has a percentage of sales going to the British Heart Foundation for purchases in the UK.

Limited Edition

Some charms listed above are also in this category, so I won’t duplicate the description.

      • Church/Cathedral Charm
      • True Love with inscription
      • Danmarks Indsamling (2009-2012): Venus, Family Ties, Feather
      • Christ charm
      • Lucerne clips
      • Royal Wedding Charm
      • Wine charm dangles, these came in amethyst and peridot (for red and white wine) bead dangle attached to a silver grape cluster. Only available for a limited time in the US, it was more widely released in Europe and Australia. These are gorgeous and I was able to get the green wine charm, to go with my bracelet theme.
      • 14K Destiny Charm, in 2011 Pandora celebrated the 10th Anniversary of introducing their popular bracelet; the piece is 14K gold with .12ct diamonds and is still available.
      • 14K 25th Anniversary Charm, celebrates 25 years of Pandora. This charm is 14K gold with .25 diamonds and has been retired.
      • One World Health
      • Midnight Hearts
      • Chinese New Year 2012 charm – Hong Bao
      • 2012 Olympic medal
      • Purple Zebra print Murano
      • A Precious Gift
      • Bear My Heart was a worldwide Mother’s Day limited edition for 2013.  In North America it came with a special heart shaped box, and also had special packaging in some countries.
      • Royal Baby Carriage
      • Let It Snow
      • Pandora Club charm is a global limited edition offered to members of the Pandora Club.  For 2014, the charm is a miniature Pandora gift box with a heart inside.  Presumably, Pandora will offer more designs in the future if it sells well.

Retired and Sought After

      • Spotty Muranos – these came in 10 amazing colors! About 2/3 are retired and very hard to find, and 1/3 are still hanging around some stores. The ones that are still [kind of] available are the ones more milky in coloring. I’ve heard that the spots do fall off for some people. I guess you just have to be careful with these.
      • Ram
      • Mouse
      • Rhino
      • Dinosaur/Dragon – labeled differently on different sites, but looks more like a dinosaur to me.
      • Cola can
      • Cell-phone
      • Mushroom
      • Lion’s head (with yellow eyes)
      • Princess and the Pea
      • HCA Hat – celebrating Hans Christian Anderson 200 year anniversary.
      • Thimble
      • Perfume bottle (regular one)
      • Zodiac charms (silver beads)
      • Chinese characters (silver beads)
      • Bear head
      • Church
      • Ugly duckling
      • Chicken little/hen
      • Snail
      • Sideways elephant and fish
      • Spotty headed penguin
      • Eight ball

Fans are always asking Pandora to bring back retired charms, and as yet only a few have been returned to the collection only to be discontinued again.  Now that I’ve been collecting for a few years, it seems that only the really old charms have increased or maintained its value, mainly because there weren’t as many being produced back when Pandora first started.  

Thanks everyone! The comments were getting a little long on this page so we’ve closed them for now — if you have a question please send us a note via the “Contact Us” form :).