Leather cord video

20120331-111254.jpgIt’s been quite a while since my last video and I thought I’d share some of the cool ways to wear a leather cord that I learned from the Pandora Cruise workshop – “Forget Me Knot”. Here, I show 3 ways to use the lariat, and a slip knot for quick release.  I also have a video and tutorial for the color lariat (fabric string).

I like attaching the ring at the end because it’s a good accent piece, but also you can use it to hold your glasses or sunglasses which is pretty handy.  Basically, you can use a lot of different types of jewelry to make a interesting necklace.

Pandora has a brochure which shows a few more ways to tie knots for a necklace; they’re very versatile and a great way to demonstrate your imagination!


    Thanks, Leann! That was a very informative video! I’m going to try and wear my leather lariat like that once n a while for a different look. 🙂

    • Cilia

      Thank you Leann, this was great info! Love the looks you created with a few beads and a lariat 🙂

  • Katherine

    Wow! Very beautiful lariat! Now I think I may have to get one! Very informative. Thanks!

  • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

    Thank you, ladies! I really like this necklace :).

  • Charlene

    Very helpful. I was not at sure how to wear the lariat.

  • anna

    I am wondering if you could maybe help me decide to choose between a fabric or leather string. I read the review you wrote about the leather bracelet, and my only concern with the leather string is that it may also loses it shape and texture if you tie fancy knots with it. Would appreciate if you could give some insights.

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      I prefer the leather string because it’s more durable but you’re right, it does fray a bit with the knots and they’re not as tight. Depends on what you want to use them for :).

  • zuraida zainal abidin

    Hi Leann, is the leather cord made by Pandora? I can’t find it at the stores in Kuala Lumpur

    • Leann

      Yes, it’s Pandora. It’s a current product – it’s also known as the leather lariat.

      • zuraida zainal abidin

        Thanks Leann. I went to Pandora Store yesterday and asked about the lariat. They have it and the sales assistant showed me various ways of using it; it is cotton and not leather. The stores here ‘visually display’ rings, charms and chain…but not the lariat. Only if a customer asked…strange ehh! Anyway, I am soooo excited about it and I’ve asked my sister to get me for my birthday…ha! ha! ha!

        On another note, I noticed that the birthstone charm is discontinued, so I bought September, October and December at one go. It is a good thing that this is a shared birthday pressies for friends 😉

        In Malaysia, i think we only have Pandora and Thomas Sabo. From your blog, the other brands like Trollbeads, RedBaliFrog are soo pretty too. But I prefer to buy in person vs online

        Leann, I appreciate the efforts that you put into your blog. Keep up the good work!!

      • Leann

        That’s great! I’m glad you found it, but the store should have told you there’s a leather version and a fabric lariat, they’re definitely different: http://www.pandora.net/en-us/explore/products/necklaces-and-pendants/390954-100.

        I love the birthday blooms! I’ve actually managed to collect all 15 (including the discontinued ones). It’s actually March, not December that’s retired. I hope you can find the hematite (March)! 🙂

  • shikha

    Great video , thanks for sharing.
    this video is very useful . Excellent, thank you for that great video. i like leather cord jewellery.