Last chance for the lariat promo

Well, this has been quite an extended period for a promo, but now we’re down to the last couple of days before the end of the buy 3 Muranos, get a free color cord. Again, this can be upgraded to a leather bracelet. Which is what I did – I got a double purple leather bracelet.

I’m still not sure I like the look of the color lariats, they’re not as functional as the silver bracelets.  Plus, you can’t showcase that many charms either.  They’re not for me and I honestly don’t think they’re a good value, but at least with this promotion you can upgrade to the leather bracelet.  The most impractical thing about using the lariat is how to make the closure; it’s not as easy as a clasp where you can put it on with one hand.

I literally have about 7 (most of them free) of these just tucked away in my jewelry box and I don’t plan on getting any more.  The leather cord is much more functional anyway and durable.  But it’s free and if you have a 3 Muranos on your wishlist, it’s not a bad time to buy them :).

  • Ashley

    I got the purple lariat too when I did the promo a couple of weeks ago. I was wondering how the new purple zebra murano charm will look on it? Too much purple u think? I guess I’ll just have to wait and see till my charm gets to me in the mail!

    BTW, anybody still wanting the purple zebra murano charm?? I searched high and low and everywhere in between looking for this gem and finally found a Pandora place here in the US of A…. Charlotte, North Carolina! 🙂

    • Rachel

      ashley- do they have a website? 🙂 are you sure its the true purple and not the black with more purple hue?

    • Leann

      Hi Ashley, the limited edition purple zebra is not being released in the US. The black zebra looks very purple, but it’s a darker one than the LE, here’s a comparison photo. I put all the purple animal prints on my purple double leather bracelet – you can never have enough purple! 🙂

  • Ashley

    Leann and Rachel, okay ya’ll are freaking me out! I thought I had really found the LE charm. And now I’m just confused and doubtful I was being told the truth. I talked to the lady personally on the phone who’s the owner of the Pandora store in Charlotte at the South Park Mall. They don’t have an official website for the store so I called them up and asked I thought all the right questions. I said the purple zebra charm is LE and I thought not even in the US and she laughed at me and said oh no, we certainly have it. She made me feel dumb for even questioning her actually. Like you said, it must be the black and white zebra that is dark purple-looking. But I never clarified with her was that the one she was “thinking” is the LE purple charm.

    Leann, I was thinking it was just a hard to find charm around here in the US, not that it was literally no where to be found but internationally. I missed that post of yours! 🙂 I swear when I get them in the mail (I ordered TWO, one for me and one for my BFF) I’m gonna call that lady back and tell her, ma’am you don’t have your facts right at all!

    I’m just so bummed now…. lol
    I came here thinking I’m gonna spread the good news to everybody who’s like me just wanting this beautiful charm. Thank ya’ll for bringing me back down to reality!! 🙂

    • Leann

      Aww, sorry Ashley. Don’t mean to burst your bubble but Pandora stated that the US wouldn’t be getting the LE purple zebra. I know the black zebras look very purple sometimes but it’s a different shade. 🙂