Kathy Perras’ Silver Uniques

kathy-perras-silver-uniques-collectionKathy Perras has been busy over the summer and she’s created a brand new collection for her shop.  She is one of my favorite artisan glass designers and she’s constantly innovating and improving her craft.  Today, I’m honored to feature her Silver Uniques; these are a wide range of colors and patterns so can be truly called unique as no two are ever the same and cannot be reproduced either.  This post highlights some of the possible designs she’s been able to achieve with this technique.


As you may have read from the Silvered Glimmers review – the name of the beads comes from the type of glass used.  Silver glass reacts to slight changes of temperature and rotation of the bead as it’s being heated which produces the varied colors and patterns.  Therefore, it’s hard to give them names as they are true uniques.  Here I’ve taken closeups of the ones Kathy’s been so kind to send me.  They’re incredibly beautiful and such a treat to photograph.

PerrasBeads have solid silver tubed cores and they are sized for threadless bracelets like Trollbeads and *redbalifrog*.  They’re slightly bigger than Trollbeads glass cores but does not fit Pandora.  Kathy’s work can be purchased from her Etsy shop, PerrasBeads and are shipped from her studio in Oregon.  Since these had such a mystical quality to them, I paired them with some of my other favorite ethereal silvers.  What do you think of this style?

  • jburgh

    Leann, I’m with you in that Kathy makes some of the most beautiful beads out there. Every time I visit her Etsy page, I end up with one (or more). I recently got 2 of her tigers and a dillo – they are incredible. For people who only seem to stick with the big name brands, you really owe it to yourself to get a few of Kathy’s beads.

    • jae

      I totally agree-I have several of her tigers and other uniques she makes-I luv her work

  • Eva

    In etsy you will find glassbonbon, and I think it is more original

  • Carol

    Wow! So amazingly beautiful! After checking out Kathy’s website, I was really impressed with her glass beads. Her prices are far more reasonable than Pandora and Trollbeads! :O