Kathy Perras’ Feathers

kathy-perras-feathersDuring my recent trip to Oregon, I met up with Kathy Perras at the Portland Bead Society Bead Bazaar and had a chance to chat about her work.   While she wasn’t selling at the fair, she did bring an impressive selection of beads including her famous Tigers, Mirror Dillos, Snakeskin Dillos, Old Earths, and other colored Dillos.  Kathy also showed me a couple of her new designs, the Feathers and Silvered Glimmers.  I had the honor to take a few of these home* and this post features the Feathers (stay tuned for a look at the Silvered Glimmers).


Kathy’s new Feather beads come in a rainbow of colors and they are the most striking shades.  The design is characterized by the wavy lines back and forth on the glass, and I liken it to spirograph patterns.  Most of the lines are white, some with a different streak of color underneath, but the black lines stand out better on the white glass.  The color is wrapped around the core with a layer of clear glass on top.  These beads also include lots of glitter in the base and they’re named Ice to reflect that sparkly effect.

PerrasBeads are small core which means that they can only fit threadless bracelets like Trollbeads and not Pandora.  The glass is similar size to other Muranos and pairs perfectly with other Trollbeads glass.  The Feather beads are priced at $28USD and sold through Kathy’s Etsy Shop, PerrasBeads.  With the colors I got, I decided to do a mystical theme paired with *redbalifrog* silvers.  What do you think of Kathy’s new design?  Aren’t these delightful?


Bead index (starting from left):  Redbalifrog rose lock, TB pink prism (retired), Redbalifrog fairy goddess ayu, PerrasBeads white dillo, PerrasBeads raspberry ice/white feather, Redbalifrog big om, PerrasBeads crystal ice/pink feather, PerrasBeads crystal ice/teal feathers, Redbalifrog LE klimt, PerrasBeads crystal ice/black feather, PerrasBeads teal ice/white feather, Redbalifrog Balinese masks, PerrasBeads crystal ice/white feather, TB unique teal braid, Redbalifrog sugar skull, PerrasBeads pink ice/white feather, TB blizzard, Redbalifrog Bali hut, TB pink prism (retired).

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  • jae

    I absolutely love Kathy Perras’ beads

    • Leann

      Me too ;D.

  • carol

    Beautiful! I just ordered a red christmas one!

    • Leann

      Pretty! You won’t be disappointed :).

  • Pat Adams

    Kathy’s beads are so unique. Leann your bracelet is beautiful. I love the Redbalifrog beads especially the Klimit LE! I’m on the hunt for this bead:)

  • rainey Smith

    I recently got

    • Leann

      Thanks, Rainey! The white ones are stunning, I wish I could photograph them better but my lights tend to washout the white beads. 😀