Kathy Perras’ Extreme Flame Dillos

kathy-perras-extreme-flame-dillos-coverI always get very excited when I see new designs from Kathy Perras and this time is no different.  As one of the standout artisan lampwork glass artists out there and a Trollbeads alum, she’s always had a way of creating beautiful beads.  Today, I’m happy to introduce one of her new additions called the Extreme Flame Dillos!


The Extreme Flame designs are made with multiple applications of silver glass; most of the beads have 12 to 14 applications each. Each layer of the glass responds differently depending on the amount of heat and oxygen applied.  They take a longer to make than normal because of this process, since the slightest change of these variables affects the color, therefore it’s not possible to exactly duplicate these beads. The result is highly iridescent, others have intricate webbing effects similar to the Snakeskin Dillos, and some have patterns. The final surface hues vary from bead to bead even when using the same colors.  

My favorite are the patterned dillos where it looks like there’s multiple colors within the small triangle.  They are all on beige backgrounds with the layers applied on top.  The beads have small cores and only fit on non-threaded bracelets like Trollbeads and *redbalifrog* chains.  Kathy maintains an Etsy shop, PerrasBeads, where these are sold and ships worldwide from her studio in Oregon.  I combined these with some of my favorite artisan silvers and more of Kathy’s dillos for this colorful bracelet.  Are you a fan of these designs?


Bead index (starting from left, glass are PerrasBeads): TB flower lock, purple extreme flame dillo, snakeskin dillo, Alex Cramariuc Japanese wave and cherry blossom, snakeskin dillo, green extreme flame dillo, Alex Cramariuc mandala sphere open, purple extreme flame dillo, green extreme flame dillo, Alex Cramariuc cherry blossom small, brown extreme flame dillo, snakeskin dillo, Alex Cramariuc chrysanthemum, blue extreme flame dillo, purple/lime green dillo, Alex Cramariuc mandala sphere, green extreme flame dillo, purple dillo, Fiery Mask Beads tulip.

  • FairObjective

    Love these layered glass beads on the beige backgrounds; the colors just seem richer somehow. Kathy does beautiful work – no doubt, Leann. Hope you’re feeling fantastic, and everything is going well. Side note: Bet you’re watching the game; aren’t our guys outstanding?! GO HAWKS!!! – Kim

    • Leann

      These designs are amazing, I’m glad you like them!! I was watching the game, it was fantastic! I’m so glad we got the bye and home field advantage. Go Hawks!!