Kameleon Romance Inspired Pops

kameleon-valentines-day-coverI just introduced Kameleon earlier this week and since there are so many JewelPops to choose from, I wanted to feature a selection of romance themed inserts that are perfect for this upcoming Valentine’s Day.  The JewelPops are unique in that they can be worn on any piece of Kameleon jewelry setting, from bracelets and necklaces to rings and brooches.  In line with the holiday, the color theme is red, pink, and white and is dominated by hearts with subtler designs as well.  Generally, Kameleon jewelry only has one setting for an insert so it’s an easy brand to get into.

I’ve grouped these designs into 4 categories: Sweethearts Candy, Swirly Hearts, Stylized Hearts, and Love.  Kameleon just released two new Valentine’s Day inspired pops – I’m All Yours and Together Forever which fits into their existing collection seamlessly.  I prefer the less overt pops, so the two-tone Love pops  appeal the most to me.  These range from $29 to $44 and made of sterling silver with enamel, cubic zirconia, and gold finish accents.

The Kameleon JewelPops have rubber rings around the bottom of the inserts which creates a seal when attached to the jewelry.  It is a secure non-magnetic hold but easy to remove as well.  I’ve actually have an opportunity to play with some of these JewelPop – they are very well made and good quality products for the price.  Kameleon can be purchased online at A Silver Breeze with free shipping. Do you see any designs you like?

  • Laura Summers

    Do you own any? I’d love some personal pics!

    • Leann

      I just got some, I’ve got a review planned for the week after! 🙂

  • teresa smith

    I love jewel pops and have been wearing them now for a couple of years. Very correct in saying great quality!!!! So glad you included them in your blog Leann. There is also a website where you can play games and win jewelpops. Thanks again.


  • carol

    I received my bracelet and the silver initial pop. I loved the pop but I felt the bracelet looked a little cheap. That could be because I’m not used to silver being that shiny and the bracelet is very bright. It just didn’t feel like a $100 bracelet to me

    • Leann

      It’s very shiny, you’re right Carol! I’m still wearing mine in, but I love the concept and it can look fancy depending on the Pop you pick. 🙂

  • Leann

    Oh nice! Thanks for the feedback, Teresa. I will have to check out that website ;).