Kameleon LE Holiday Gift Set 2013

kameleon-2013-holiday-gift-setKameleon is a newer brand on the blog, and one of the first things I got from them is their LE Holiday 2013 Gift Set.  Even though we’re long past Christmas (have you taken down all the decorations yet?), this is a great bundle to get started with.  The set includes: a limited edition pendant, limited edition Angel JewelPop, the Kameleon Emerald Isle JewelPop, and a JewelPop Compact which holds 14 Pops.  The designs are rather versatile and don’t scream Christmas at all so can be worn all year round.

The LE Angel JewelPop features a stylized angel which is a popular motif, not just for the holidays.  It is sterling silver with white enamel accents to highlight the angel.  The Emerald Isle JewelPop is part of the regular Kameleon line and resembles an emerald jewel.  It is a faceted cubic zirconia with a deep rich green, and can certainly be used to represent St. Patrick’s Day.  The pendant is a wonderful complement to my Kameleon Ivy bracelet and features a tear drop shape with tiny ivy leaves crawling on top of the insert.  The Angel JewelPop and pendant can only be found with this set, so once they’re sold out they’ll be gone for good.

I really love the JewelPop Compact as a part of this promotion; it’s the perfect place to hold all the loose pops that I have and it’s easy for me to switch out the inserts.  It is also a limited features as it has a dove stenciled on the front.  All in all, this is a great deal at $89 and A Silver Breeze still has these in stock.  Does this bundle appeal to you?

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