Kameleon Ivy Bracelet Review

kameleon-ivy-bracelet-coverI recently introduced a new line to the blog called Kameleon.  This brand’s JewelPop system is interchangeable among all their jewelry including bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings.  Many of you have been curious as to how these look in person and I’m happy to offer a review of one of the products I received.  The designs vary greatly from classy and elegant to bright and fun, so there’s a lot of versatility to match your mood, accessorize with an outfit,  or match the occasion.

I picked the Kameleon Ivy Bracelet to start my collection because the delicate filigree of the silver appealed to me.  The design reminds me of elvish or fairy inspiration with intertwining leaves leading to the focal point.  The bangle is a cuff style which means that there’s a opening to slide on for easy wearing and removal.  This one comes in two sizes – small (60 mm) and large (70 mm); the small fits me and I wear about a 7.1″ bracelet with no charms.  The sterling silver is also a bit soft, so it is somewhat adjustable.


A few JewelPops that caught my eye and that provide a lot of brilliance are the Diamond Solstice, Ebony Sparkle, Morning Frost, and Silver Crackle.  These JewelPops are glamorous and great for casual or formal wear.  The inserts imply “pop” into the setting with minimal effort and is just as easy to remove with some force on the bottom.  I’m really impressed with this ingenious concept and how securely the pops stay in.

I’ve been very happy with this brand and their selection of designs.  It’s a wonderful addition to my current jewelry collection, and great for stacking with other bracelets or worn separately for a simple look.  The entire line of Kameleon jewelry is available through A Silver Breeze and I highly recommend checking out the different options available from this company.  How do you like this concept?

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  • Yadira S.

    I actually didn’t like the collection at all but seeing the way you paired it with other bracelets it just took my breath away. I might just look into it. Thanks Leann 🙂

    • Leann

      You bet! I love showing off the options :).

  • Laura Summers

    I really disliked the brand based on the overview – thought it was tacky – but this delicate bracelet is classy and simple. Good choice! I am definitely looking into it!

    • Leann

      Thanks Laura :). I was glad I saw them in person first, they really do look better IRL :D.

  • ammakris

    I love Kameleon! I have been wearing it for, I think, about 8 years! I have a couple of pairs of earrings, rings, and necklaces, as well as many Jewel and Rock Pops! They are great for traveling! Because you can just about take wear 1 earrings and change the Pops out and always look like you have a new pair on. Dress ’em up or down, you receive compliments! I ALWAYS do! Try ’em before you pass judgment.

    • Leann

      I agree! It’s a great idea, I can’t wait to get more pops. You can do so much with just a couple pieces of jewelry and more inserts. 🙂

  • CarolinaWings

    Love the cuff style and the filigree, especially the pretty leaves. And it looks great stacked with your other bracelets.

    • Leann

      Thanks! It’s very comfortable and easy to put on :).