Introducing…*redbalifrog* (Flowers for the Soul Review)

I’ve been intrigued by *redbalifrog* for a while now and am absolutely thrilled to get my hands on a few pieces! This brand is relatively new to the European-style charm market and is designed by the fabulous Amanda Bazarow, who partners with a Balinese jewelry sculptor Yande. Amanda herself is based in Australia but all the production for the beads comes out of Bali, Indonesia where each charm is hand cast which allows for such amazing detail. The main offerings in the Redbalifrog collection consist of silver charms, with a small selection of wood, stone, and coral beads. The inspiration for the jewelry comes from Amanda’s travels and the beautiful objects that she encounters, with a definite Asian and Egyptian flare. She also has a penchant for the quirky – there’s the alien head, sugar skull, and when pigs fly to name a few. The pricing is very competitive compared to the other jewelry companies with the silver charms mostly between $30-40USD. The cores are large enough to fit Pandora bracelets, and *redbalifrog* definitely complements Trollbeads to the extent where Redbalifrog doesn’t actually offer their own bracelet chain, instead, they also use the same chain/lock system.

*redbalifrog* has less charms per release but more releases through the year; in fact, they just had their high summer release – Flowers for the Soul.  I like the idea of these smaller, more intimate releases; its a definite contrast from the larger releases that Pandora and other brands have, and it lets you get excited about new charms coming out more often.  When I saw the chrysanthemum charm, I knew I had to take the plunge!  As I mention frequently, I adore nature and flower inspired charms in particular, and this release was just right up my alley.

Amanda was kind enough to send me a sample of charms to review* and I could barely wait for them arrive (I was literally stalking my mailman for the last 2 weeks); I am hooked!  They look right at home with my Trollbeads bracelet and glass beads.  I am still marveling at the detail on these charms, the hand-craftsmanship allows for such intricateness that I keep having to stare at the charms.  I picked a few of my favorites from the entire collection – chrysanthemum flower (of course!), daisy chain, frangipani, frog on bamboo, feng sui, and the lotus flower lock which was perfect because I got an extra bracelet with Trollbeads trunk show.  The chrysanthemum, roses, and daisy chain comprise the charms included in the Flowers for the Soul collection.  I was actually surprised when I opened my package to find the roses piece included by Amanda.  After I had picked my charms I realized that I had also wanted that one as well so I was so happy to see it included in the mail!  The frangipani reminds me of plumeria flowers, which represent Hawaii for me.  All in all, I really love the new collection!  To any other charms addicts out there, this is one brand that is definitely worth taking a look at.

Because *redbalifrog* is a relatively small company and they are sold online, the official US distributor is RedbalifrogUS but get this, Perlen carries this brand too.  I know I’ll be making more purchases in the future, I love my new find!  For those that want to know more about *redbalifrog*, I’ve created a beginner’s guide under the main menu.  🙂

*For more information please view our Disclosure Policy.

  • Kim

    I am loving that frog- I have collected frogs since I was a little girl… must have! 🙂
    Thanks for posting about this!

    • Leann

      I am seriously enjoying the bamboo frog, Kim! RBF also have another tree frog, very cute!

  • Ashley

    Awwww frogs are my fave thing too Kim!! I have heard of this brand before and have been eyeing the sweet little frog charms. I think I’m gonna have to order it, its like calling my name! Ha!!

  • Anna

    I agree her designs are very beautiful and delicate. The amount of attention to detail blow me away, definitely on my list.

  • lauren

    These charms are so cute! Do you know if they fit Pandora bracelets?

    • Leann

      They sure do! The charms has large enough holes to pass over the Pandora threads :).

      • lauren

        Thanks, Leann! I really think Arthur the Cat is adorable. I’m also waiting for the new Pandora cat. Since I have 2 cats, I think these 2 would be great 🙂

  • jessica

    hiya i got the queen of the world bead and its amazing 😀 im extremly impressed with it,im going to get the fallen angel bead next.itl be intoresting to see whats in there next relese and when it is x

  • Sharon Smith

    Are all of the Redbalifrog locks the same length? When purchasing a bracelet does the length include the lock being attached to the bracelet?

    I am going to Austrailia next week and wrote Redbalifrog to find out where stores were located. To my surprise they do not have any brick and mortar stores in Austrailia yet.


  • Faye

    Love this bracelet! It reminds me of Kauai, the Garden Isle with all the green. If I threw a white plumeria flower in there, it’d e home! 🙂

    • Leann

      Oooh, I looooove Kauai. That’s where I got married and is definitely paradise. I hope to go vacation there sometime soon as the first time we were a bit stressed with the destination wedding. <3

  • Oscar Chan

    Hi Leann 🙂 I would like to ask is it still possible to get the Frangipani shown on your green bracelet? The Frangipani of the Bali series is gorgeous but the original Frangipani is so much better (the flower brings back a lot of sentimental feelings) i just have to get it if possible (i guess it’s retired?) Still, i would really appreciate it if you know where i can still get the original Frangipani charm 🙂 Thanks! Have a nice day over there!

  • Arielle

    Not sure where to post this but I have a question. I’m trying to order from the RBFUSA site but I keep getting a pop up saying pay pal has blocked transaction due to duplicate something or other. I tried again using a CC and not paypal, but same thing. Cannot place order. I see no contact info at all for Bali’s USA site. Does anyone know how I can contact them other than FB as I do not have a FB account? Do they have an email addy or phone #? Any info would be great. Awesome blog BTW! Love looking at all the pics. But between buying charms for me AND my Mom, I’m going broke here lol. It’s fun though 😉

    • Arielle

      Never mind…just ordered the small key charm from charmbeadshop! Will be so pretty on my Trollbeads big flower bracelet. Can’t wait!

    • Leann

      How strange! For future reference, their email is: 🙂

      • Arielle

        Thanks so much Leann. I appreciate it 🙂