Introducing *redbalifrog* Listen to the Stars Collection

*Listen to the Stars* - Information for Christmas 2015.pptxToday is the official release of the much anticipated *redbalifrog* Christmas collection!  It’s aptly titled Listen to the Stars and includes 9 new pieces; they’re called Shaman’s Bell, Star Bright, Christmas 7th Day, Christmas 8th Day, Christmas 9th Day, Star Stopper in silver and brass, the Star lock in brass, and an amazing new Twirl bangle.  It’s wonderfully festive for the holidays and generally great designs that can be used any time of the year.

I am so happy to see Amanda continue the 12 Days of Christmas charms with the addition of Christmas 7th Day, Christmas 8th Day, and Christmas 9th Day.  As with the rest of the set, the imagery of the lyric is shown on one side and the number of days on the other.  For the past few years, *redbalifrog* has introduced 3 new days of the popular holiday carol, and each year they have a different shape.  This is the first time the charms are not in the form of an ornament, but rather a bell with articulating hammer which makes them jingle when in motion and I love this fun detail!

The Shaman’s Bell is probably my favorite from the release and has such an interesting aesthetic.  It reminds me of Arabian nights with its intricate handle and flaring base.  It is actually a dangle where the bracelet is strung through the top, and the hammer is articulating so it will chime when it moves.  Star Bright is a simple bead but a classic one and features an asymmetrical star with oxidized textured sides contrasted beautifully by the smooth polish silver on the other.

In keeping with the theme of the collection, *redbalifrog* is releasing their popular Star lock in brass.  It is definitely one of my favorite locks and I’m excited to see it being offered in brass which is a great option for fans who like gold but not the price.  I adore the new Twirl bangle and so happy that Amanda has come out with an alternative to the chain bracelets!  It has a great texture and feels very sturdy so no fear that it will bend out of shape or break; it only comes in one size but will mold to your wrist.  It does require the use of stoppers though, so luckily there’s quite a few options now and two more with the addition of the Star Stopper in silver and brass.  The *redbalifrog* stoppers also are compatible with Trollbeads bracelets and bangles.

*redbalifrog* charms have large cores and can fit on all bracelet types, including Pandora and Trollbeads.  I can’t wait to play around with festive combinations for this time of year and I’ll be offering reviews of these designs shortly.  This brand can be purchased from my recommended retailers: Perlen and Oromoda.  Have you been anxious for this release?  What beads are you looking to get?

  • Justine Pearson-Vickers

    I want them all!