Imagine by Kranz & Ziegler

imagine-by-kranz-ziegler-coverAs I alluded to in the Story by Kranz & Ziegler Spring/Summer 2015 Preview, the company has recently brought out a new concept and I’m excited to introduce it today!  The Imagine by Kranz & Ziegler collection is one of the last projects that Mads Ziegler designed before leaving the company last year.  It is a bead based bracelet that is beautiful in its simplicity and also gender neutral.  I am even more disappointed that there is currently no US distributor for the brand as I am utterly drawn to this line.

Imagine bracelets are made of steel wire threaded with small beads of stone and wood with a choice of silver or gold charms for accent.  The bracelets can be purchased as a set of 30 beads or you can also mix and match by purchasing them separately.  If purchased as a bracelet, every 14th bead is a black agate because “agate symbolizes happiness, empathy and justice, and brings positive energies to its owner.”  The clasps come in brushed or shiny silver and 14K gold, and there are also a couple necklaces too.

imagine-by-kranz-ziegler-braceletsTo achieve the desired look, when ordering you need to pick a length that is 4-5 cm longer than you would wear it to have the “tail”.  There is some variation across different sites, but it seems the sizes range from 16 – 25 cm.  The price point is similar to their leather bracelets, except for the gold clasp ones of course.  Since they have pulled back their distribution to focus on Denmark and Sweden, you can purchase directly from their official website and other retailers in the region.

I absolutely adore the aesthetic, it almost reminds me of a rosary, especially the Boxwood and Pearl bracelets.  Of course I’d love to see these in person, so I might just have to order from a Danish site.  With the departure of Mads Ziegler, it’s uncertain where this collection will go but I’m eager to see if it expands.  Are you interested in this concept?

  • Linda @ forty dating.

    Pandora has to be one of the most successful jewelers currently trading. The stores in this country, (UK), seem to be always packed out. Great Idea.

  • Beverly

    The simplicity of this concept has its appeal, but it makes me think of something that can be achieved with a few dollars and a trip to Michaels Craft store.

    • Laura

      Exactly what I thought. Craft-store look.

      Leann, if you actually do get one, please share pictures and a review!

      • Leann

        Of course! It’s on my wish list…which is rather long, I’m afraid. Lol.

    • Leann

      Haha, I hope the quality is better than that.