How to order from Perlen

giftwrapOne of my favorite webshops is Perlen – they’re located in Odense, Denmark and sells genuine Pandora products for waaaay below retail.  Usually anywhere from 10-40% off, no tax, and free shipping!  I found them just after Christmas last year and have made almost 20 purchases so far O_O.  The first time I ordered from them, I literally used Google Translate to make my order because everything is in Danish.  Then I discovered that they have a English translator!  Hence, the 20 purchases…lol.  Every order comes with a Pandora box (size depending on your order) and free optional gift wrapping.  They originally packaged the charms in the paper envelopes, but had shipping issues because sometimes the envelopes would be damaged or torn, so they went to the boxes.  The toughest part about ordering from them is waiting for the package to arrive!  I live on the West Coast in the US so it generally takes about 10-14 days for me to get my charms, but for the price, it’s well worth the wait!  Anyway, I thought I would share a tutorial on how to order for the first time on Perlen.

In the upper right hand cover, there’s an UK flag which will change the site to English.
Then to switch the currency, click on the pulldown menu (as choosing the UK flag will automatically default the site to GBP).
Pick USD from the pulldown menu.
You’re all set to shop! Keep in mind that all prices include VAT, which is about 20% tax. It will be taken off at the end when you create a profile and choose US to ship to. Also, prices are written the European way with a (,) instead of (.) in between dollars and cents.
To check out, click on the basket icon in the upper right (not displayed in this picture), and click checkout on the screen.
First step in checking out is making a profile. In the country section is where you will choose United States and that will take off the taxes.
These are all the countries that Perlen ships to. Because of Danish law, Pandora cannot place restrictions on retailers and how they sell, which is why Perlen can offer such amazing prices and ship outside of their market.

For US, the country code is 1. For other countries, check here.

After you create a profile, the next time you can login to your account which will immediately take off VAT so you can see the actual prices.
When I browse, I like to switch it to English, change it to USD, and then login.  That way, I’m ready to shop!

Perlen, as a Danish company, is part of Pandora Nordica so availability will be different from your local stores.  I’ve found a lot of charms that I’ve wanted that have been retired in the US.  Perlen also carries Trollbeads and various other brands as well.  I think their customer service is excellent – I’ve always gotten a quick response from them and they have a no hassle return policy.  Plus, free insured tracked shipping with orders over $440USD or €330.  I’ve been very pleased with my purchases!