How Pandora Jewelry is Made

Have you ever noticed slight variations in the Muranos or charms that are sold in stores?  For some, going to the store and hand-picking the right Murano or gemstone charm is part of the Pandora buying experience.  The reason why there are minute differences in gemstones and [more noticeably] Murano beads is because each stone is hand-picked and each charm and piece of Pandora jewelry is hand-made by expert craftsman.

While Pandora is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark all of their jewelry is made in Thailand, in an area called Gemopolis.  Gemopolis provides a free-trade zone which has special incentives given to companies in the jewelry, fashion products, medical equipment, and telecommunication industries.  It is here where the magic happens; Pandora employs more than 3,000 workers to handcraft every piece of jewelry.

Watch the video for a detailed look into how Pandora jewelry are made.

Recently, Charlotte from Pandora Corporate posted pictures of a special charm that she had designed while she was touring the factory herself.  It is simply gorgeous and one-of-a-kind; the bead has two stars to represent her two daughters, five hearts that symbolize her whole family (including the cat!), and an intricate leaf pattern that characterizes her environmentalism.  Her daughters’ names are also engraved on the back of the charm, Cirkel and Tinke.  These pictures demonstrate how the process begins with a sketch and ends with a completed charm.  What a special occasion and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!  Pandora sounds like a great place to work :).  Thanks to Charlotte for sharing!

Courtesy of Charlotte, compilation by Charms Addict

Also, check out this post from the hellwafashion blog, where she was able to visit the Pandora factory and got a personal tour of the plant early last year.  I hope some day I can have an opportunity to tour the facility myself, that would be phenomenal!

  • Jennifer

    The video and link were awesome! Thanks for showing us. In my next career, I want to be a pandora designer!

    • Leann

      You and me both, Jennifer!

  • Christina