Hello world!

I first started collecting Pandora charms during the summer.  They are so colorful, unique, and addictive!  Soon, I became hooked.  I thought I would start this blog for all the other charms addicts out there, and because I need some way to spread my excitement between charms :).  With this forum I hope I can share any news, promotions, and tips I find regarding Pandora charms.

I actually bought the Kay “Charmed Memories” at first; I have basically one bracelet with Kay charms, but I quickly discovered that Pandora had the far superior craftsmanship and selection.   For my first Pandora bracelet, I picked a lime-green theme, my favorite color.  I was impressed that Pandora actually had enough charms in that color, with Muranos, gemstones, and crystals.  I like to get completely different beads on the bracelet, even though most of the time I’m a maniac for symmetry.  I tried to resist getting all the charms at once, but I think for my first bracelet, it only took me a couple of weeks (ridiculous!  My husband was cringing, lol).  This one is sterling silver and I have 5 Muranos, two clips, three dangles, and various other silver+gems charms.  I actually had so many Muranos that I had to get a larger bracelet.  I like bracelets that aren’t too loose, so that’s why I had to size up once I filled the bracelet so quickly; the bracelets do stretch a little, but not that much.  I will post a video soon of that bracelet.

I’ve gotten a couple other bracelets, but the lime-green one is still my favorite.  I’ve never been a bracelet girl, but Pandora has converted me!  I hope this blog will provide useful and fun information and that’s it for my inaugural post!