Happy Easter with Pandora, Ohm Beads, & Trollbeads

pandora-easterHappy Easter to everyone who is celebrating this holiday!  I’m quite envious that Europe observes Easter with a long holiday, whereas we don’t even get an extra day off.  When I was a kid, I would decorate eggs and participate in the fun Easter egg hunt, but as I’ve gotten older, I generally enjoy Easter by way of pastel wrapped candies.  In the past month, I’ve reviewed a few different options for Easter bracelets, including the Trollbeads Precious Easter Kit and the Ohm Beads Easter themed charms.  I thought I would offer another Easter inspired combination today with the Pandora Easter themed beads, although the Decorative Egg and Easter Chick are now retired.

Included are Trollbeads unique glass with Pandora and Ohm Beads silver charms in soft green, pink, and purple. What are you doing for this Easter Sunday?


Bead index (starting from left): TB pearl lock, TB pink pearl, Pandora enchanted mouse, TB purple easter egg, TB unique pink dots, Ohm Beads green fabergé egg, TB unique purple swirl, Pandora easter bunny, TB unique green flower, Ohm Beads easter egg, TB pink gold, Pandora easter chick, TB purple scallop, Ohm Beads pet bunny, TB unique purple flower, Ohm Beads LE easter bunny, TB unique pink cherry blossom, Pandora decorative egg, TB unique purple braid, Ohm Beads purple fabergé egg, TB LE diamond antique flower, Ohm Beads easter bunny, TB rose quartz.

  • Carolyn

    Happy Easter!
    Here in Australia, we have a 4 day weekend, so quite enjoying the lazy chocolate eating and having a drinky weekend 😉

    • Leann

      Thank you! What a nice holiday! I wish we got a few extra days. It’s been a lazy Sunday though, so I can’t complain ;).

  • http://bermudabluez.blogspot.com/ Jeanne Pursell

    Happy Easter Leean!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

    • Leann

      Happy Easter! I’ve had a great lazy day ;).

  • Lyn

    Hi! Here in Canada we also have a 4 day week-end. After splurging on chocolat, brunch with my family and purshase of two Ohm faberge eggs I’m flying of to Cuba for a holiday…with my Pandora beach theme teal bracelet! Will catch up with you when I come back!

    • Leann

      Wow, that is so nice! Enjoy your vacation! Get lots of sun ;).

  • Michelle

    Happy Easter Leann! I am preparing to have my whole family over for brunch!

    • Leann

      Thank you! Sounds busy, I hope you have time to relax too :).

  • Demelza Guing

    We celebrate Easter in a big way in ireland. Almost like Christmas. My husband gave me the Easter bunny pandora today. I was delighted. He’s lovely.

    • Leann

      That’s great! What a sweet guy :). What are your Easter traditions?

  • Courtney-Joy

    Happy Easter! In Australia we have a 4 day long weekend (the shops still trade on Saturday though) I am enjoying a relaxing time up along the Murry River, although it’s cooler, a lot of people are still jet skiing and doing all kinds of water sports! My husband bought me the Pandora Shopping bag charm for Easter! Love it!

    • Leann

      Happy Easter! That sounds fantastic! Is that a day-trip for you? It’s getting warmer here but not quite that warm. 🙂 What a wonderful present!

      • Courtney-Joy

        It can be a day trip; it’s around 2-2&1/2 hours drive from where I live but my in-laws own a river front ‘shack/house’ so we went up for a few days 🙂 gorgeous weather during the day but freezing at night (because we are coming into winter over here) 🙂

      • Leann

        That sounds fantastic! What a wonderful holiday :). Enjoy the weather while it lasts :).

  • FairObjective

    Happy Easter, Leann! I can’t say it’s been a relaxing day (or weekend as a whole, for that matter)…but it’s been fun and family-filled; our beautiful weather for Easter made it that much better for fun outdoor activities. Hope you got outside to enjoy some gorgeous spring sunshine today! Take care, and nightie-night. – Kim

    • Leann

      Wow, sounds busy but at least you had fun! 😉 I spent most of it relaxing on my couch…but I did enjoy the sun filtering in through the windows ;).