Celebrating Halloween with arm candy

charms-addict-halloween-braceletsEvery year I’m always incredibly enthusiastic for Halloween and I spent a good majority of October featuring scary themed charms and bracelets.  Today is Trick o’ Treat night and even though it’s pouring cats and dogs outside here, I am still excited for All Hallows’ Eve.  It’s been quite some time since Pandora has released any Halloween charms, in fact they have been systematically retiring the ones they do have, but other companies have been much more on the ball and have consistently released new designs for this holiday.  Since there are so many brands offering fun creepy beads, this post is a compilation of all my Halloween bracelets this season including Ohm Beads, Trollbeads, X by Trollbeads, *redbalifrog*, Macrow Exclusive Beads, Chamilia, and byBiehl.

Ohm Beads is the leader in this category with no less than 3 separate releases this year starting with the amazingly popular LE Sugar Sleigh Ride.  Their Teddy Scares Collection may not necessarily be a dedicated Halloween release, but their morbidly cute aesthetic is certainly perfect for the occasion.  My favorite though is their surprise collection for the month called Death Barrels and they are some of the best from the brand and I’ve been sporting them nonstop all month!  I also took a look back through their catalog with a few classic Halloween/horror movie themed charms too.

I was delighted that Trollbeads released their Halloween 2014 Collection, and their sister line X by Trollbeads did as well.  The theme was bats and I couldn’t resist getting all of them – Spooky Bats lock, Hanging Bat charm, and Happy Bat earring.  The Stormy X Alive Collection was a welcomed addition and I was able to add more links to my Halloween X bracelet which I started last year.  Lastly, I also wrote a belated review of the Trollbeads Day 2014 exclusive bead this month and created another spooky themed bracelet to showcase it.

I featured a number of *redbalifrog* Halloween beads last year and for 2014, I reviewed a few non-traditional scary creatures that were based in fantasy but still ties in perfectly with the rest of the spooky charms.  I titled these Mythological Creatures and they have so much detail which is typical for the brand.  The Macrow Exclusive Beads Halloween Collection debuted at the beginning of the month and quickly sold out.  I paired their wonderful Halloween glass with *redbalifrog* silvers for another ghoulish bracelet.

Chamilia offers a limited edition set with every release and for their Fall 2014 Collection, they had a bundle called the Witchy Way Set which included a special Murano, Cat Eyes, and Over the Moon charms.  I picked out Cat Eyes, Over the Moon, another favorite from the collection called Love You To Death to start my Chamilia Halloween bracelet.  Another brand I featured this month is the Gothic Glam pods from byBiehl, which is a stylish way to wear and stack elegant charms.

I’ve had so much fun with these charms this year and I hope these jewelry companies continue to expand on this theme.  What has been your favorite go-to bracelet for Halloween?  Are you dressing up for Trick o’ Treating tonight?

  • FairObjective

    Hi there, Leann! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I love all your fun, creative Halloween/spooky bracelets; the articles about them are so much fun to read. I actually wear my bracelets with this theme all year. Did you get lots of trick-or-treaters? I didn’t dress up, but my family took our littlest guy out for trick-or-treating. I’ve been watching all the Halloween-themed movies on various channels all month (including the actual “Halloween” movie franchise marathon going all this past week on AMC…my favorite!). I also love the fun “Hocus Pocus” with the 3 goofy sister-witches that’s been on over & over since late September. We’ve watched that around our house since the 90’s…it doesn’t ever get old! Do you have any favorite scary/Halloween-themed movies? Of course, there’s always the classics: Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, etc…those 30’s and early 40’s black-n-whites are in a class all by themselves. Btw…I posted pics of a couple of my Halloween/spooky(ish) bracelets on your FB (more Halloween fun!). Just wait until your little guy is leading you all over the neighborhood, intent on his trick-or-treating mission! You’ll be there before you can blink. So much fun…lots to look forward to! Nighty-night, and take care. – Kim

    • Leann

      Thanks, Kim! We live in a condo with not a lot of kids so we didn’t get any trick-or-treaters. What did your little guy dress up as? I love your bracelets, they’re so fun! I don’t do well with scary movies, so we tend to stick to action or comedy films. I did love Hocus Pocus and remember watching that as a kid. I can’t wait until next year and I can dress up the baby, I usually buy a costume for Beau too but spared him this year since he usually hates it so much. He did wear his Seahawks shirt for Blue Friday though ;).

  • FairObjective

    How cute: I can just picture Beau in his mini-Hawk finery! What a good sport. My little guy went as Falcon from Marvel’s Avengers. He kept fussing all night with all the extra padding that was sewn into the costume (functioned as “muscles” of course), and we had to rearrange his huge wing-span over & over while walking all over…but he had a great time. We go as a family, so his 2 older brothers and my husband were out with us, along with a good friend of my little guy’s who lives in our neighborhood. Halloween fun-fun-fun! Today is my oldest guy’s birthday; we went out to a birthday-breakfast earlier, then there’s 2 football games to attend today (one is the birthday-boy’s, the other my littlest guy’s 2nd round of playoffs). Later this evening, we’ll have a birthday dinner for boy-man. Packed day! This time of year is always so busy; last Friday was my littlest-guy’s birthday, so we went out to dinner for that, after attending a football film viewing to prepare for game-day. Whew! In between all that is me baking and decorating their birthday cakes, etc. Life’s pace will be picking up for you and hubby as well, as soon as your sweet baby boy makes an appearance! You’ll probably be more organized and orderly about things than me, though. No matter how well I try to plan…I usually end up feeling 3 steps behind! Oh well. Have a fantastic weekend, and take care…Kim

    • Leann

      Hehe, he loves wearing little t-shirts, but the costumes are too much haha. Wow, sounds like a super busy weekend for you! I’m sure things will be very busy soon, I hope I can keep it all straight, lol.