Gift ideas from Novobeads

Christmas is approaching fast and for anyone needing last minute gifts keep in mind Novobeads bracelet gift sets.  These completed bracelets include various charms and beads in a wide variety of colors and starting at $79-$139 this would be an easy and economical choice.  All the sets include a leather bracelet and the Signature Key Charm which is so cute.  The bracelet is adjustable so no need to worry about buying the right size.  The completed bracelets also come in this stunning packaging!  At first I thought that it was shrink wrapped, but the box is easily opened.  Presentation of the charms is always something I notice, and it’s especially important when it’s a gift so I was suitably impressed when I received* my bracelet.

In addition to these great gift sets, the engraveable Christmas stocking is the perfect stocking stuffer (pun intended ;)).  This piece reminds me of dog tags because of its substantial size.  The dangle does not hang too long and is flat on one side allowing the engraving.  I was surprised at how much I liked it, considering I’m not a huge fan of large dangles but it’s really a great accent charm.  It is the perfect way to commemorate this special Christmas and is a wonderful addition to any holiday bracelet!  Check out Novobeads at your local retailer or you can also order online from their webstore.

Bead index (starting from left): Novobeads leaf clasp, Pandora green hearts, Ohm gingerbread house, Pandora stocking, Pandora cinnamon candy stripe, Pandora Christmas tree, Ohm St. Nick, Novobeads sage crystal, Pandora Santa’s sled, Ohm Mrs. Claus, Pandora snowman, Novobeads stocking, Pandora fire clip, Pandora precious gift, Pandora holly, Pandora red bubbles, Ohm rock & roll gingerbread man, Pandora santa, Pandora green bubbles, Ohm gift box, Pandora drum, Pandora red stepping stone.

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  • Jennifer

    I am waiting for my first mini CZ to arrive from Novobeads, after your previous article about them. They had a perfect shade of dark blue that I am doing right now. 🙂

    But I was looking at their leather bracelets, and really liking that they are adjustable. I might try one of those as my next leather, if it holds all of the bead brands.

  • Debbie

    Hi Leann,

    Thanks for another great post, and it’s wonderful that you featured Pandora murano’s on this bracelet. TB’s glass is lovely but it’s also nice to see Pandora glass. And although not Xmas beads they do go beautifully with the festive silver and makes for a gorgeous Christmas bracelet.

    I like the idea of the Novobeads clasp and that it fits right up against the other beads. Does it work with a TB or RBF bracelet? It would be great if it did as that would save buying yet another bracelet!

    • Leann

      They sure do! 🙂

  • rainey

    Novo clasps work with TB chains so I assume they would with BRF’s new chains too.

    • Debbie

      Thanks Rainey for confirming the clasps work with TB chains.

      Oh dear…. I promised that I wouldn’t think about Novobeads but I feel myself weakening and adding them to my wish list for the new year!

  • Gosialein

    the Novo Beads indeed look nice, but then I’ve found this and I think that these glass beads truly awesome, what do you think? could this be that they’re nicer than glass Trollbeads? I thought that was not possible 🙂
    actually your blog together with Endangered Trolls makes me search for bead brands other than Pandora or Trollbeads, I really enjoy it, thanks for the inspiration!

    • Debbie

      Hi Gosialein, I had a look at the link and I agree there are some very pretty glass there. I am not sure about the memory beads though – it’s a bit creepy adding cremated bits of loved ones or pets into a bead. I kind of understand the idea behind it, but I personally would hate to be carrying around a bit of a loved ones ashes on my wrist even if it was encased in glass!

      • Gosialein

        true, although it certainly answers some need, as there’s no supply without demand 😉
        it’s nevertheless amazing what one can find and how many bead brands are there in the U.S. – I’m from Poland and concerning the quality we have only the 2 “leading” brands here

  • Janet L.

    Thanks to your discovery Leann I’ve just spent more money, ha! I’ve placed my first order with Novo beads, I ordered a silver bracelet, the signature clasp because it looks like a heart, an anchor slide so the beads won’t fall off, the key dangle, heart charm, and dark champagne mini cz…can’t wait to see them in person, the thing I’m most excited about is that they are made in the USA!!…that log cabin is next, OMG too cute!

    • Leann

      Ooh, great choices! Let me know what you think when you get them, Janet!